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  • Why do some videos just not play for me? I just can't watch any Malakye or New Lyrics.
    • Are you sure there's nothing wrong with your computer or internet connection?
      • I've figured out the problem, but have no idea what to do about it, I can't update my flash player, it's very...annoying.
    • For some reason, if I watch any of their videos all the way to the end, my internet shuts down and must be restarted. Odd.
  • This might come off as a bit nitpicky, but where are Malakye's eyes in relation to his helmet? One would think at first glance that maybe the yellow spots are his eyes, but then his eyes randomly appear up top, similar to the other Brigadiers. But then why are the yellow spots there if they're not his eyes?
    • It's probably a reference to the similar helmet worn by Zero in Code Geass
  • If Prof is the head of the site and manages it, can he take the time and money to get a microphone that doesn't make him sound like he's speaking into a radio? The four other reviewer's voices all have higher quality than him!
    • He's poor.
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    • I think he's bought a new one since.
  • I notice the Prof and JesuOtaku both hate Moe and just... don't "get" the appeal. That's all fine and good... unless the majority of today's anime is exactly that. Which it is. Therefore, I cannot get into Desu Des Brigade in general simply because they hate 90% of my own favorite shows. If that's what the trend is these days, does it seem like they're ousting a key element to anime?
    • They don't review everything that comes out of Japan, they review the stuff that would make a good review, reviewing one genre over and over again would get boring. Plus Arkada has reviewed some moe, and if you watch a reviewer only because they agree with you then you're seriously missing out on the fun. And the 90% thing is silly, I'm a huge rap fan, I can still admit 90% of rap is terrible, and you can ignore the terrible stuff and focus on the things you'd like, just like they don't like moe, so they ignore it and focus on the things that they like, shonen (JO) and mecha (Prof).
  • Is JO ever gonna finish Digimon?
    • Somebody donated Tamers so she'll be getting on with that season sometime in the next few weeks, have patience.
    • She said on her Formspring that Tamers will hopefully be out around mid-August.
  • Why do JO and Vixen both have issues with their sound? JO in particular seems to have a penchant for going outside at the beginning of videos, and always ends up being incomprehensible because of the wind, and then there was the list of villains she made, whith a large portion of it spent listening to cicada's rather than her voice. doesnt help when you also have to adjust the volume every few seconds in most videos because you either cant hear enough, or its too loud. same applies to Vixen, who seems to like playing loud songs in the background that drown out her voice. it keeps happening, is there a reason for this?
    • Just chalk it up to the fact that they're better Anime reviewers than they are sound engineers. Also, since they produce their own shows, they're mixing their own voices, which is much more difficult than normal sound mixing. (There are complicated psychological reasons for this, which I won't get in to now.) But, yes, JO could really use a good microphone windscreen, or at least a low-cut filter, for when she's outside.

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