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Headscratchers / Dark Tales

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  • In Masque of the Red Death, you arrive in Lumineaux to find villagers pelting a fountain of Mayor Prospero with eggs. A short time later, you learn that the villagers are taxed without pity and many are unable to afford food. One has to wonder why, if they're so hungry, they would waste eggs in this manner.
  • In The Fall of the House of Usher, you learn that the Usher curse dates back centuries and generations. Why did it never occur to any of the previous Ushers, when they realized what was happening, to maybe not have children? Knowing that having a child would doom him or her to the same fate, wouldn't it be more sensible to avoid doing so altogether?
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  • Instead of creating the player character and leaving us continually uninformed about their gender, personality, and appearance... why didn't the devs just make Dupin the player character of these games? It seems like that would make more sense, since the player character is the one doing all the work and Dupin is supposed to be the master detective. There could have still been a sidekick character who appears on the screen now and then for exposition purposes.

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