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Headscratchers / Curb Your Enthusiasm

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  • Okay, so a big part of the show is people getting too offended by stuff that Larry does/says (or that they're assuming he did/said), so it's not a surprise when that happens—just a part of the world of the show, I accept it and love it. However, the reactions to Larry bringing up Country Matters in "The Shrimp Incident" were a standout example. It was funny, but f**king insane at the same time. So, why did everyone go so bats**t insane over it? Clearly Michael's was at least somewhat fake, but the others (besides Cheryl, Julia and Brad) for all we know were genuinely shocked speechless over it. Someone being shocked over it is understandable even in real life, but being that offended seems pretty ridiculous, especially given what little we know about the characters (with one of them running a premium cable channel that's considered almost notorious in some circles for raunchiness and vulgarity).

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