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Headscratchers / Cupcake Wars

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  • The host's "clever" comments that he shouts at the bakers to let them know how much time they have left grate on my nerves no end. It's always something about the episode's theme and then something about cupcakes, and it's never funny. ("I love a parade, but I love cupcakes even more!") I wish the Food Network would ask him to knock it off or tone it down or something.
    • He does seem sort of superfluous; he's not adding anything to the show, and could easily be replaced by a simple announcement of the time, like on Iron Chef.
  • It seems like an odd thing to complain about, but it irks me that male contestants are few and far between and, as far as I know, not one of them has won.
    • I know at least one has won — the guy who accidentally got the frostings mixed up in the second round for the apple/avocado incident. He went on to win it.
    • The Yo Gabba Gabba episode only had male contestants, so a guy definitely won that one.
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    • There's also Ron who won the Cirque du Soleil episode, Huascar Aquino who won the Honest Company episode, then the Yo Gabba Gabba episode winner also won the Glee episode. There was also Isaac Carter.
  • Does anyone really believe that the Cupcake War is being held literally hours before whatever gala event it's scheduled to have the winner at? The third judge is always some big honcho that is spending a few hours tasting cupcakes instead of doing the final prep for said event.
    • For that matter, does anyone else believe that those master carpenters are actually making those displays in two hours?
    • This troper certainly has thought that they don't.
  • Why on earth bring in a contestant that is known to use Beer in her recipes and then kick them out when they use beer? Admittedly its a Girl Scouts contest so whatever but they could have placed her in a better suited challenge. It seemed like the brought that contestant on just to kick her out.
    • They also had exactly one vegan-specific baker on the Rob Zombie episode, where the vegan restriction seemed to be a late-revealed twist rather than the whole point like the first all-vegan episode (indeed, one of the other bakers bemoaned that she had had very little experience in vegan baking). Surprisingly though, the vegan specialist was eliminated first.

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