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Headscratchers / Charmed (2018)

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  • It's implied that Mel's power more closely resembles stopping time (instead of Piper's molecular power), especially since Harry suggests that she meet her thesis deadline by freezing time to write it. However, we've seen many instances already of demons being immune to her power — particularly the strongest ones. If that's the case, what's happening to demons who are immune to her power when she stops time? Do they get their pick of frozen innocents across the globe?
    • Not to mention, witches and whitelighters also seem immune to the power. Are they just chilling and waiting for time to start moving again every time Mel uses her power? Harry mentions the power is "common among control freaks," so if there are other witches with the power to stop time on a global level, this could get pretty ridiculous.

  • The witches are pretty trigger-happy when it comes to vanquishing demons (much like the original), and the Elders seem to approve. So what's the point of a prison like Tartarus? Who gets imprisoned and who gets killed?
    • I'm assuming like in the original, demons don't permanently go away when they're vanquished.
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    • Alternatively, much like in the original, many demons actually required the Power of Three to vanquish, so banishing them was the most practical solution without the Charmed Ones around.

  • Why didn't the Charmed Ones use the same time-traveling spell they used to go back to the 80s to find out who killed their mother?
    • Because that spell was designed to find out the reason why a ghost died and cannot move on - Marisol never became a ghost, so it wouldn't have worked.
    • Got it — I forgot the specifics of that spell. It still seems odd that they wouldn't consider a spell to reveal their mother's fate after already using one to witness past events.

  • When Harry told Mel about Fiona he said she revealed that she was a witch but to the wrong person and was declared insane and got locked up and put under pills and later committed suicide but the thing is Fiona had Powers that she could actually demonstrate so it wouldn’t have made sense that the person didn’t believe her. It would have made sense if her powers were passive but her powers were active.
    • Considering Fiona was actually thrown in Tartarus, it is more than likely this was simply a lie the Elders made to cover up Fiona's disapparance, and Harry never questioned it (or they altered his memory to make him believe it). He was incredibly loyal to the Elders at this time, and very much unwilling to beleive they were wrong. Plus, it wasn't stated she was locked up for being insane - she was insitutionalised, and later grew to believe she was insane.

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