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  • Anvilicious: The reboot was heavily promoted as "fierce, funny and feminist," and they don't kid around. The script leans heavily on the Me Too movement, and it has received criticism for a lack of subtlety that bordered on parodistic. The second episode does tone this down quite a lot, though it still has a couple of Take Thats.
  • Author's Saving Throw: In regards to these new Charmed Ones. One of the biggest problems with Charmed was that the Charmed Ones (mainly Piper and Phoebe) after Season 4 became increasingly selfish. The new Charmed sisters are more committed to saving innocents .note 
    • The reveal that Macy and Maggie share the same father shows that the actresses' casting choices were much more intentional given their shared backgrounds. That said, Sarah Jeffery is not Latina like her character.
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    • Parker has received this as of recent episodes, he still has his detractors, but it's generally agreed that he's more favored in recent episodes thanks to the less focus of him being a poor expy of Cole Turner and more of his own character. (His demon plot is still around, it just doesn't make up his whole character now)as well as his relationship with Maggie being treated as a more positive version of Phoebe and Cole, which the latter ended up suffering Arc Fatigue.
    • The reboot received a lot of criticism in the first season for rushing the progression of the sisters' powers. Come season 2, the sisters are completely stripped of their active witch powers indefinitely.
  • Continuity Lockout:
    • The reboot spends little time establishing the mythos of the Charmed Ones. If you've never seen the original series, you might be left scratching your head about what the hell the "Power of Three" means or what's so special about being Charmed.
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    • While the original explains that good witches are immune to Piper's power, the reboot never acknowledges that Macy and Maggie don't freeze.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Macy and Harry are becoming this, due to Ship Tease, the fact they're Adorkable together and they're Team Mom and Team Dad. It doesn't help that she has little chemistry with her original love interest, Galvin.
    • Mel and Niko have become this in the recent episodes due to Niko's increased characterization after finding out they're witches and her actress's stellar performance after finding out her mind was altered.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: When Tessa is introduced, she is very critical of Harry's performance as the Charmed Ones' whitelighter and their lack of knowledge about their own powers. Despite her abrasiveness, it IS concerning that Harry didn't teach the girls more about their powers.
  • Les Yay: During a "Freaky Friday" Flip between Maggie and Mel, Maggie is very impressed by Jada’s kissing skills.
  • Moment of Awesome: Macy becoming the source is considered the best moment of the show so far.
  • Narm: The 80's flashback has all the subtlety of a bulldozer, with characters in neon clothing peppering every other word with "like" and Princess Di references.
    • Any instance of "woke" dialogue is often Narm-y. The writers often attempt to make political or social commentary, usually through Mel, that comes across as forced and unnatural.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Both Galvin and Parker to some extent. While they haven't reach out of scrappy territory, the recent episodes have done something to give fans to warm up to them a bit.
    • With Galvin being more involved with plots since the reveal has deemed him some fans. It also helps that he's been getting more connection with Macy, a huge part of his criticisms.
    • Parker has received this in "Manic Pixie Nightmare" since the episode seems to be an attempt to give him more character and showcase a more likable character outside of being Strangled by the Red String with Maggie. They still have their fair share of detractors though, so it could also be a Author's Saving Throw as shown above. As of "Memento Mori" people have started giving Parker more of a chance due to giving more to his character.
  • Retool: Season 2 and how. In the very first minutes of the premiere, the Book of Shadows is destroyed, the manor is blown up, the girls are stripped of their powers and relocated to a base in Seattle where they now are tasked with saving others in danger around the country.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The basic response the show was given once it's inaugural season ended. While it has ups and downs and a bit of mess, many admitted that while not entirely good it also was not as bad as it could have been either.
  • The Scrappy: Parker and Galvin have fallen into this.
    • Parker's here because he's considered an inferior Expy of Cole Turner from the original Charmed who was considered a fan favorite character. There's also the fact that he barely has any personality and doesn't have an interesting dynamic with Maggie.
    • Galvin because he's considered to be a shallow love interest with hardly any impact to the plot and no chemistry with Macy. It also doesn't help that the Fan-Preferred Couple of Macy and Harry has fans much more interested. Though he did really help himself by finding out about everything and being totally cool with it.
  • Shallow Parody: An episode where the characters from a '90s supernatural series are brought into the real world paints all such programs as being messes of endless Narm dialogue and Values Dissonance with blatant misogyny from the heroes being played as charming. It was actually shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the original Charmed itself that started a real push for more respect toward female characters and better dialogue on TV.
  • Squick: The demon possessing Angela Wu beats an attempt to reveal her using sugar in a cookie by holding it in her throat and then pulling it out, with some quite disgusting sound effects.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Maggie and Parker flirt a few times, kiss once, and immediately enter the most emotionally charged relationship on the show. While it's fair that they're both impulsive college students with little romantic experience, it's a bit hard to believe their dynamic.
    • It should be worth noting that people aren't opposed to the idea of Maggie and Parker, but rather the fact their dynamic hasn't had any time to fully develop beyond Parker's conflict on being a hybrid. Them not having any chemistry or emotional drive doesn't help either, leading to Parker's scrappy territory. This means Parker comes off as a They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: A common complaint is the lack of emphasis on the girls' relationship as sisters, which was a central focus of the original. Most fans agree that this aspect is not developed enough in the reboot, and are worried by the announcement that Season 2 will focus even more on the supernatural elements of the show.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Charity, Alastor and Fiona's deaths have not been received so well to say this least. Many fans felt so much more could've been done with them and were just wasted. With Fiona we never understood her complete motivation or history behind her, only to have her die in a very unsatisfying manner. she's killed by a random terrible effects lightning bolt while summoning the source. Which made her look weak and stupid As for Charity she never got the chance to redeem herself for killing Marisol and just dies as more of an afterthought. As for Alastor, being the season's BigBad has a complete 180 change in character where he all of a sudden becomes of a worshipper (despite never having those traits) and being killed in an instant by Macy as the Source.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Some fans feel this way about Knansie the necromancer. While her motives and actions were indeed shady and you can't say she's particularly good, many fans found it hard to go against her and sympathize with Syd when Syd was willing to go to extremes (once of which includes killing Maggie twice!) simply to take revenge on her. It also doesn't help that it paints a form of prejudice as it spends the episode stating how unfairly Necromancers get viewed, only to paint a stereotype that all witches have to stick together and can't betray one another
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Syd comes off as this, given how willing she is to kill Maggie in her pursuit of revenge.
    • Parker's actions after the death of his mom don't cast him in the best light. It's clear the audience is supposed to have sympathy for him after his recent trauma conga line, but his about-face to his father's side feels too easy and very selfish.


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