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The Whitelighter Sister

Due to Macy's status as a Composite Character of Prue and Paige one of two things will happen:
  • Another fourth sister will be revealed later in the series. She'll be another half-sister and the youngest. She'll also be the half-Whitelighter sister as Paige was.
  • Alternatively, Macy's father will be a Whitelighter but Macy's Whitelighter heritage along with her Wiccan heritage was suppressed and when her witch abilities became unbound her Whitelighter powers remained bound only for them to be revealed later in the series. Her status a hybrid will cement the idea of the eldest child in a witch family being the strongest, given the additional and hybrid powers.
    • Jossed her father is a Mortal but he knew about Magic and that Marisol is a witch

Harry is not Whitelighter

Neither his powers not his behavior match up with previous knowledge of Whitelighters
  • Unlike all Whitelighters up until this point, Harry doesn't Orb.
  • He does not seem to pick up on emotions of charges (or appear when they're terrified).
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  • He abducts and insults his 'charges', and healed Cameron grudgingly (and only when told to by Charmed ones).
This seems to paint the picture of someone who is not a Whitelighter (or at least, not a full one) and who is using the Charmed trio for his own purposes (not the first, see: Chris). Demons are also known to come when called by name (see: Cole), and thus says nothing in his favor.
  • All jossed - Harry is indeed a Whitelighter, and truly cares for his charges, but simply had no proper people skills at the beginning.

"Mom" isn't Mom

The spirit contacting the sisters through the ouija board isn't their mother, but someone or something else.
  • We have no proof as of yet that the spirit really is the girls' mother, and the "don't trust Harry" could just as easily be some other force trying to sow suspicion between the girls and their Whitelighter.
    • Confirmed in 'Let This Mother Out'. It was actually an Impostor Demon.

Mom distrusts the Elders

We know that the Elders are not exactly the idea good guys they set themselves up as. Mom Vera, perhaps hearing of the trouble her distant Halliwell cousins had, decided to cut herself off from her Whitelighter, and doesn't want her daughters coming under the direction of the Elders.
  • This explains the "don't trust Harry" in a way that makes both the Ouija ghost really their mother but also leaves room for Harry to be potentially an issue yet also not evil.
    • Jossed - Marisol was an Elder, who, in this show, are a council of witches instead of Whitelighters.


The Veras and Halliwells coexist as different branches of the Warren bloodline

And now that the Power of Three has been activated a new trio comes up in each generation, but not always in the same bloodline.
  • The Veras' Book of Shadows has a page dedicated to Melinda Warren, and this is the easiest way to connect the two shows to make any future original cameos easier.

Macy is not part Whitelighter

But she is part something else
  • There's no real reason to set up precisely the same hybrid as Paige was - they had to explain the half-sister when having her became necessary to the plot, and having already set up Patty/Sam the reasoning was clear
  • However, in this version all we know is that for some reason Mom Vera had to give up toddler!Macy. If it's not for entirely mundane reasons, the likeliest is that she's some kind of hybrid, and it took this long for the Elders/someone else to find out. Which makes it unlikely she's half Whitelighter, but she could be part demon, part Darklighter, or part some race that didn't get much or any airtime in the original show. They have room to be creative, why not be creative?
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  • Well Macy was resurrected as a infant she was given Demon blood which she's aware could turn her someday if not prevented beforehand.

The being released from Tartarus was Fiona

Charity said it’s where demons sent evildoers that scared even them, and Jada said she released a powerful witch. We know that Charity and Harry believe Fiona to be dead, and she was associated with the Sarcana, so it seems likely.
  • Confirmed on Fiona being released however she's too much in a catatonic state to do anything.

Alastor wants Parker and Maggie to have a Child Together

He wants to conceive a Child together that has the Powers of a Witch and a Demon which for some reason is crucial for his Plans
  • If that plot was to come to pass it would be very simliar to Source's Heir plot that took place in the Original series season 4.
  • Jossed - Alastor wanted Parker and Maggie to fall in love as insurance that Parker will become the Source and Maggie won't let her sisters vanquish him when this happens.

Parker is an ex member of a demonic Boyband

He was their band leader but he left the group because of creative differences.

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