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  • This might be nitpicking or thinking too deeply about the comic, but how and in what circumstances did Mona Montrois and Donna Fitzpatrick meet and become friends? the fact they're polar opposites doesn't matter: opposites attract, and every strong character needs a foil. But the setting is Los Angeles, six thousand miles away from Paris. Mona is French. What brought her to the USA in the first place? Does she have residency and working rights, ie the Green Card? After living so long in the USA, can she apply for citizenship? there is a throwaway remark in one strip about Donna and Mona having met at high school, but elsewhere we are told Mona was convent-Catholic educated at home in France. Did Mona first come to the USA as an exchange student - did the two meet at college or university? Or was it the other way round - did Donna go to France as an exchange student and the two met there? The backstory would be interesting...

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