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Headscratchers / Check, Please!

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  • NHL player's college friend has a relatively popular blog where he talks about said player? No way hockey fans - many of whom are invested in Real Person Fiction - haven't put 2 & 2 together with Bitty's tweets and vague comments to realize that Jack and Bitty are dating.
  • In 3.6 Jack reveals to Bitty that Kent Parson is interested in men. Logical for a discussion of sexual histories, until you realize that Jack, who is hyperaware of how his own sexuality could impact his NHL career, would never tell someone who runs a vlog and isn't subtle about another closeted player's sexuality. Doesn't help that Bitty doesn't like Kent Parson very much.
    • In many ways this could simply be explained by Jack trusting that Bitty is a good enough person, see his status as The Heart in regards to the team, and wouldn't out and potentially ruin a man, even one that he doesn't like. In many ways, nothing that Jack has seen has shown there was any danger that Bitty would do something like that. Furthermore, Bitty would be outting a man whom, if you look at the implications that Bitty's family doesn't know his orientation, that he himself shares the same secret in many ways.
      • I don't know how it is in other places, but I live in a very conservative area, and the etiquette or whatever in my local LGBT community is that it's not outing if it's to another member of the community, because we're pretty much all in the closet on some level. Regardless of personal feelings, the rule is 'queer kids don't out queer kids'. Which is to say, we all know each others identities, and will literally die on a hill to keep them hidden, even if it's for someone we hate. Probably the same thing goes with Jack, Bitty and Kent.
      • There's also the fact there's no way Bitty could out Kent without outing Jack or at the very least himself. I mean he could attempt to lie but the media would rip him apart at the first sign of something suspicious. So accounting for the fact that outing someone to ruin someone seems to be outside Bitty's personality, there's absolutely no way that wouldn't come back to bite Bitty (who must have some sense of self-preservation growing up closeted gay in the South) or Jack (whom he cares deeply for) in the ass. It just makes sense that Jack wouldn't be worried that Bitty would use that knowledge to ruin Kent.
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    • Plus, it would be impossible for Jack to talk to his boyfriend about his own sexual and romantic history, not to mention his mental health history, without ever mentioning Kent. If he didn't trust Bitty enough for that, it's unlikely their relationship would be as healthy as we've seen it to be.
  • Bitty mentions on Twitter that the rumors about Jack doing coke are clearly ridiculous because athletes have to undergo drug testing. So... how has Shitty managed to get past drug tests for four years?

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