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  • Life Imitates Art:- In one story arc, the überbitch Tiffany Nguyen humilates Mona over Lucas, publicly, in front of a works' social party. Mona seethes with fury, but is unable to retaliate openly as she knows Tiffany is Donna's boss. Anything she does might result in Donna's working life being made miserable. But Mona pledges evil and disproportionate revenge.
At the time this troper caught up with this story arc in the CLV archive, British TV was screening an imported live-action docu from Australia, detailing the life and work of Customs and Excise and Immigration at Australia's main airport and point of entry.One story was about two Vietnamese women who had just flown in from L.A. and who had been detained with a bag full of hard drugs, which they denied all knowledge of, claiming somebody had planted it on them. The show ended with the two Vietnamese-Americans being hauled off to prison (
Prisoner: Cell Block H?) and facing lengthy terms inside.The name of one of the two women?

Tiffany Nguyen.

Oh, Mona, you are not to be annoyed...

  • MythStall: Mona first meets the man she's crazy about, Lucas, in November 2003. [1]. Lucas is also crazy about Mona. For eight years running, it's hit and miss, hit and miss, almost this and almost that happening— and not even a real date in all that time. One kiss in eight years. Despite Lucas being described as her future "true love": [1]
  • Nightmare Fuel: Mona's bizzare and terrifying dreams, for instance where Donna turns into a parasitical tapeworm-like creature with vicious needle-sharp teeth.
  • Old Maid: There are hints in the current story arc that Mona is now approaching thirty and is worying about what this entails. She is having a certain amount of angst as the landmark age approaches, like really seriously bad [1] dreams.

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