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Headscratchers / Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

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  • Isn't this game a major violation of canon? I just heard about this recently and the notion of "Dracula in Modern Day", but isn't Dracula supposed to be dead for GOOD since 1999 and isn't he supposed to have been reincarnated in Soma Cruz? So how can there be a Dracula around in modern day that wasn't mentioned in Aria of Sorrow?
    • Because the Lords of Shadow trilogy is a Alternate Continuity/Continuity Reboot of the entire franchise. It has nothing in common with the plot of the original Castlevania games, henceforth it would not continue the theme of Julius defeating Dracula and sealing his castle prior the Aria of Sorrow. The only thing that is common between these games are the recurring characters such Dracula and Alucard, but even here, they've been replaced by their LoS counterparts.
  • In Lords of Shadow 2, it is revealed that Alucard put Dracula into a death-like hibernative state with the Crissaegrimm immediately after the Brotherhood of Light's assault on Dracula's castle. So how could the first Lords of Shadow's ending which shows an inebriated and decrepit Dracula up and about in a church of the modern day have even occurred at all?
    • as explained by Alucard in the flashback near the end of the game, both Satan and Zobek had hidden themselves away after the events of Lo S 1, knowing that if both thought Dracula dead, they would both eventually come out of hiding, prior to the cutscene you mentioned, Alucard had retrieved his sword, which was what was keeping Dracula asleep, and Dracula woke up, with Zobek sensing him awakening and coming to sek his aid to beat Satan. alot of this is covered in game and in the DLC
  • With both Zobek and Satan Killed Off for Real while Inner Dracula still exists, what happens now? Like what Dracula said, while he cannot die by most means, if he were to die, someone will take its place naturally. Does this mean that Dracula or even Alucard will remain on Earth as the prince(s) of darkness for eternity?
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  • Satans Children, just how did he manage that? as far as we are aware he has been in hiding/recovery in Hell for 1000 years, I'd have understood if it was a case of Satan hiding in the world for a few centuries, but he was apparently stuck in hell, needing a ritual and buildup to return.

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