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The new Belmont said to be introduced in this game will be the final boss.
Gabriel aka Dracula is clearly very miserable about his immortality and wishes to die, plus it has been confirmed that the game will feature a new Belmont bent on killing Dracula for good.

Given that Zobek promises to free Gabriel of his immortality once he takes on Satan and that this game will be the Grand Finale for the Lords of Shadow series, it seems likely that the game will end with a final showdown between Dracula and the new Belmont.

If we're really lucky, they might even use "Vampire Killer", "Bloody Tears" or a combination thereof as the final boss music.

  • Or maybe Heart of Fire. The game is supposed to take place around the turn of the millennium, after all.
    • (original poster) That wouldn't be a bad choice, either, but Vampire Killer and/or Bloody Tears would be more appropriate a choice because this is going to be the Grand Finale of Castlevania's Lords of Shadow reboot and both of those tunes are pretty much iconic to many Castlevania fans. It would especially be likely since Vampire Killer was absent in Mirror of Fate and Bloody Tears hasn't been used at all yet. Then again, they could have those themes play over the end credits.
    • Jossed. Victor IS a boss, but not the final boss.

Carmilla, Marie and Trevor.
They are all a dream that Dracula has while sleeping in that sarcophagus. Conversating with them is essentially his soul-searching, and is what ultimately turns him from vengeance-driven monster into a Death Seeker.
  • Jossed.

The game will have an alternate costume styled after Dracula's classic look from Universal movies and early games.
Confirmed in the games department. One of the preorder bonuses recolors Dracula to look similar to how he did in other Castlevania games.

One of Satan's Acolytes will be Shaft
Since he is one of the most renowned Dark Priests in the series, when acolytes came up all this troper could think about was Shaft and if he does appear he will either join Dracula, or try to convert Dracula to Satan's side, considering his previous roles in the series.
  • Jossed.

All of the Lords of Shadow will play an important part in the story
Zobek is still alive, of course, and is the person that gets Drac back into action. But Carmilla has appeared in one of the later trailers, and the subtitle is still
Lords of Shadow. Carmilla and Cornell will appear throughout the game, either to give Dracula advice or to fight him again, possibly both. Being killed wasn't pleasant for those two.
  • Jossed. Cornell is nowhere to be seen.

The Lords of Shadow saga is the story of the fall and redemption of Gabriel Belmont, much like how Star Wars the story of the fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker
Gabriel started out as a hero, but the Humiliation Conga that fate inflicted upon him turned him into a monster. In Lords of Shadow 2 he will heroically sacrifice himself to stop Satan from ending the world, and as a reward he will be reunited with Marie and Trevor in Heaven.
  • Confirmed, though Dracula does not sacrifice himself.

There will be DLC focusing on Victor Belmont.
Victor Belmont is only a minor character in Lords of Shadow 2, but you get the feeling that he has to have an interesting backstory. It's already known that the first DLC released for Lords of Shadow 2 will feature Alucard as the protagonist and will take place before the events of the main campaign. It's not impossible that there will be another DLC at some point that reveals Victor Belmont's story.
  • Word of God has said that there will be no additional DLC.
Victor explored the castle like a classic Belmont
Gabriel gave up his old equipment and Victor instead of using replicas (only replica is his combat Cross) explored the Castle and acquired Gabriel's old equipment from lords of Shadow 1. Victor probably went through the castle and fought bosses recurring from the last game (gabriel's memories) since the castle was focusing the heavy hitters on securing Dracula and making sure he didn't ditch the castle.

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