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  • Whatever happened to Mia? How about Faith and Atticus? There are other recurring characters who just sort of drifted away over the course of the series, but I really wish the last episodes would have brought some closure to those three characters in particular.
  • Why is there such a big deal about needing a billionaire to pay for the movie? It doesn't sound especially expensive to create, is it because of the subject matter in regards to being an active criminal investigation or the potential high rating it'd receive?
    • Any Hollywood movie is expensive to make. If you hear about low-budget from an established director, it usually means somewhere between 15 and 30 million. Advertising alone runs in the millions.
  • Does anybody else wonders why they never considered using the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song Californication as the opening theme? That way they could have avoided some confusion, and the lawsuit they got from them.
    • I don't think the song fits the mood of the series. The series is an upbeat dramatic comedy about the irreverent adventures of a washed up writer, dealing more with his relationships. Californication the song is a rather solemn song about the tragedy of seeking fame in Hollywood. It wouldn't work well as the theme song.
    • According to The Other Wiki there were legal issues and the RHCP actually sued the producers of the show for the usage of the name, but it was dismissed in court as the word "Californication" wasn't invented by RHCP and is in public domain. So, probably that's why the band never allow the use of the song, assuming the producers of the show wanted to.
  • At the end of season 5, why the hell did Hank drive all the way back to Malibu to get a bottle of wine, instead of just picking one up at a store on the way to dinner? Sounds like a bit of Fridge Logic to me.
    • Everything after Karen calls Hank screams that the scenes were added at the last minute so that there'd be a plot for season 6.
      • Or, why pay for something you can get for free? Hank can be cheap sometimes and is find of mooching off of Charlie.
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  • Was there only one bathroom in Lew Ashby's rock 'n'roll mansion? Why the lineup when Becca locked herself in the can?
  • Re "The Apartment," episode in season 3...Doesn't anyone call before they drop by someone's house?

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