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  • At the beginning when Barry and Adam are in line to select their jobs, the...job counselor I guess? Anyway the job counselor bee remarks that they must be a couple of newbies. But if bees keep the same job for their whole life, shouldn't every bee in line technically be a newbie? Or, if you will, a new-bee? What prompted this remark? Perhaps just an oversight in the writing?
    • I'm... not too sure what you're trying to say? Barry and Adam are newbees to their new jobs. That's all there is to it.

  • "Bee Larry King"? Is that the best they could come up with? Why not "Larry Sting" or something similar?
    • So they won't ruin another joke, later into the movie.
    • Also, because it becomes a short running gag that there's a human who has a very similar name, with the bee version trying to ignore this fact.

  • Aside from all the Wall Bangers related to biology, why bother stealing a Tournament of Roses float and fly it across the country? Aren't there bees in California?
    • He wanted to get it back to New York for Vanessa's sake.
    • Also, why bother stealing the float at all? Since the post-trial montage showed Barry working with the ATFH (not to be confused with theATHF) couldn't he have arranged for them to procure a float for them? Surely the florists would not be so selfish as to doom the planet for the sake of their art?
      • Maybe he thought there wouldn't be enough time to set up the flight to get it back. One would think that having it on a climate-controlled aircraft would be better for the flowers, but anyway.
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    • Pollen will not bring a flower back to life. Pollen is a reproductive component; it's like delivering sperm to a dead woman. In real life, this would not bring the flowers back.
      • Actually, I think the reason why they stole the float was to help along a new generation of flowers or to save what was left of the old generation.

  • WHY do the bees only have two arms and two legs?!Is it too much for them to just animate two more limbs?
    • It's your typical Anthropomorphic Shift in animated characters. Much like how cows, deers, rabbits and the like are drawn with their eyes facing forward instead of on the side of their head, or how octopi are drawn with their mouths on the fronts of their...erm...faces instead of underneath their body. It's simply a way to make the characters more "human" and therefore easier for the audience to relate to them.

  • At the start, apparently a bee's school years and college span the length of a few days, yet the main storyline of the movie is just as long if not longer. Are the bees rapidly aging? Is there some kind of method they have to just stop aging at a certain point?
    • Considering Jerry Seinfeld was involved in this, its more of an example of Rule of Funny.
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    • It could be showing how the whole court case and story in general are spanning several bee "years"

  • Although the "Bejesus!" line is hilarious, it does raise one major question. If there is a belief in a bee version of Jesus, then does that mean that bees have a concept of Christianity? If so, how? Did they simply learn of the religion from humans and decide to adopt it as their own? Was it a coincidence? Did Bee-Christianity just happen to exist before the human concept of it? It just seems a bit odd since you'd think bees would have developed their own religion rather than have one so similar to a human belief system.
    • The bees also speak English. Clearly their society has evolved parallel to ours, even in minute details such as language and the existence of Larry King, perhaps due to similar circumstances shaping their culture; conversely, if you are Christian, you could say that Jesus chose to walk among bees too, perhaps in the form of a bee at a different time (Probably only several years ago at the rate bee time moves). As they are clearly sentient beings he may have decided to give them the chance to be saved as well. Bee-Jesus probably recieved the bee equivalent of crucifixion, only to rise after three bee-days (probably like 30 human seconds), preach, and ascend to bee-heaven. It really depends on your bee-liefs.
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    • In-universe, the bee characters are referred to as being "Beeish", which was meant to be a play on "Jewish", considering Seinfeld himself is a Jewish comedian, and there's plenty of Jewish humor in the movie to go around.

  • So it's Bee Law number one not to talk to humans, but everyone is fine with Barry's lawsuit? His lawsuit that involves speaking to hundreds of humans at once?
    • It was justified at that point thanks to Barry telling the rest of the hive that he already filed a lawsuit against humanity. What's the point of trying to keep a secret that's already out?

  • Barry and Vanessa's relationship is confusing. Are they platonic friends? Did the movie made them that way because they thought it would cross Squicky territory, becoming beastilaity?
    • I think one of the directors said in an interview with Nickelodeon Magazine that they didn't want them to have a romantic relationship, but that's how it comes across. Need I bring up the lawyer's comment, "Are you her little BED BUG?"
      • It was platonic but Barry did seem to have a little crush on Vanessa.

  • Why does the bee not working cause the flowers to wilt? Putting aside the fact that bees are not the only pollinators, plants don't need pollination to live, only to reproduce!
    • Because the plot demanded it.
    • Maybe they're wilting naturally and the problem is that they can't make more.

  • In-Universe, what is the actual meaning of "drain the stinger"?
    • Why do I have the feeling that it's a metaphor for using the bathroom?
      • Probably because of the word "drain" and that's what I thought initially too, but uh, bees don't poop from their stingers.
      • It's probably a metaphor for venom, even if bees don't secrete it. Unlike wasps.

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