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Headscratchers / Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix

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  • How did Ben mistake Myaxx for Vilgax? I mean yeah, they're both the same species, with the tentacle face and all, and she was wearing a hood, but come on, Vilgax is what, twelve feet tall? Whereas Myaxx is human sized. Why couldn't Ben make that distinction?
    • I was going to argue that Myaxx closely resembled Vilgax before his physical augmentation. Then I realized that Ben has never seen Vilgax looking like that, aside from a brief head-only dream sequence and a noncanon What If? episode. That only compounds the problem, doesn't it?
      • Ben is not noticeably bright, particularly before the Time Skip. He probably just saw green skin and facial tentacles and assumed the worst, not thinking it through sufficiently to notice the minor detail of size.
      • It might not be Ben's fault that he can't differentiate size very well. He's constantly changing into aliens that are both much bigger and much smaller than himself... it may have screwed with his ability to tell how big something should be "normally".
      • Ben had only seen one member of Vilgax's species before the event and considering how dangerous that one alien is, one can forgive him for attacking before analyzing.
      • Myaxx was wearing a cloak at the time, likely having on other pieces of clothing, thus, the bulkiness of the outfit might be explained as her wearing a lot of clothes in this prison, besides, her body was very obscured, so, it might be a mistake, it might not, I don't know.

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