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Headscratchers / A Dance with Rogues

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  • At one point Pia may give you a ring called "Pia's Ring" that confers regeneration. If she had a ring of regeneration all along, why didn't she use it on the quest we were just on together where she kept getting wounded and sucking up all your potions?
    • Probably this ring is Powered By Love. Or Friendship, depending on which version of ring Princess gets. And would not work for Pia herself.
    • In latest version Pia has this ring on her initially, so it's not named "Pia's Ring" before she gifts it to Princess.
  • How come so many pages on this wiki mention this mod, but so few actually link to the page? Seriously. I had to find it through the search after seeing so many linkless examples.
    • It's fixed now with what I could find but you know, you could have just edited the pages yourself to fix it. ;)
  • So... whatever happened to Vico+The Princess and their baby? Was she actually slammed down on a table and forced to have an abortion, or was she ever even really pregnant? I'm confused. I kind of hope it was the latter, as the former is very VERY depressing to me...
    • The pregnancy premise only comes up when Vico is with the Princess for the rest of the game. She is inflicted with a demon plague the moment Hyath "kisses" her and kills her later. IIRC, since Arto is in league with Hyath, they trap that plague in a ring, restore the princess, terminate her unborn child and warp the reality around her with the entire "My father is alive, he wants me to marry Arto and ally with the Dhorn". And since one of your party members became a Dhorn, he is able to nick that ring and save you as well, giving you the list of possible outcomes for the ending.
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    • If the princess was in a relationship with her other possible love interests or none at all, the pregnancy plot is not brought up at all.
    • But it's the 14th century... how could they even know she was pregnant? And how could they tear it out of her uterus without killing her or causing so much damage that she'd be sterile forever? And how the hey did the freaky surgery with stitching her hymen back up work? Again, this is the 14th century... that kind of stretches my willing suspension of disbelief. Mind you, there is such a surgical procedure in Real Life, but it wasn't available until the 20th century. And it's pretty pointless and ridiculous anyway, because the stitching usually just falls apart in a matter of hours.
      • Abortions were possible in the past, but with special potions, not with MacGyvering surgery. There is a line of dialog with references that (in one of the occasions the Princess tells someone about Vico's rape). Also, it isn't supposed to be set in our 14th century. The year "1378" appearing inside the module's data is the default date inside the toolset, it just means that the modder didn't change this specific data.
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    • Bellisario's Maxim. It is still part of a fantasy world where demons can control anyone because of true names. The Princess' pregnancy wasn't depicted as in its mid or late trimesters ala Juno, so it could be just as an easy miscarriage as the cliche'd bleeding down the leg.
  • So... just why ARE the Dhorn so ridiculously persistent in hunting the PC like an animal? They're so immensely powerful, there's next to zero possibility the PC could ever pose any real threat to them. It's made dazzlingly clear time and again that everyone is either too infatuated with the Dhorn's wealth, or is simply too terrified of them to dare do anything that might even potentially cross them; it's extraordinarily unlikely anyone would ever raise a rebellion for her. Arto shouldn't need to marry the Princess just to pacify the people of Betancuria either, since almost every man who was capable of fighting is dead. This is also why I feel a lot of doubt with the Delberg ending; literally everyone in Delberg besides the Earl is dead, where and how the heck are the PC and her comrades going to get an army that would willingly fight the Dhorn, and even stand a chance against them? After all, they slaughtered every single, solitary, last warrior in Betancuria with zero effort.
    • The Dhorn are either very dedicated to their modus operandi in conquered countries and just want to finish what they started or know that there is nothing more dangerous to a growing empire than a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits led by the Last of Her Kind.
  • Arto's obsession with The Princess is very odd. Marrying her would really give him nothing due to a number of reasons. 1.The Dhorn have been very set on killing the noble family due to the possible reasons listed above so allowing her to live as his wife would be unlikely. 2. Marrying nobles is done for access to power,lands,wealth, titles and other goodies, the Princess has none of these due to having everything taken by the Dhorn leaving her with just the clothes on her back. Marrying a Dhorn noble will let Arto have access to these things.
  • During the "Mayor's Mansion" quest, the Princess has to initially sneak around naked (she was posing as a strip dancer slash prostitute to get in), and at most in a skimpy dress of another dancer (if she nicks it from one of the rooms). So, where does she hide all the other stuff she stole (including a statuette she came there for, and possibly a bunch of quite large weapons, an armor, and some other clothes), and (if leaving openly through the front door), how come nobody thought to search her, as they did when she was entering?


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