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Short Films and Series

  • The Birch: Sebastian Polks is a violent crime boss who turned his hometown into a slum, thinks nothing over the addicts his drugs are killing; physically abusive towards his nephew Thurston, forcing him to work as a drug mule. He maims Evie's father to intimidate her, later forcing Thurston to kill him by threatening his kid brother. He later attempts to kill his nephews when his operations go south.
  • Camp Monster: Maddison is an arrogant and petty Alpha Bitch at the camp and wannabe monster hunter. She puts Eva through a hazing prank as part of an initiation; bullies her terrified bunkmate for crying and subjects her to a prank of her own; and when being chased by The Mauler, leaves one of her friends to die to save her own skin.
  • Mohawk:
    • Tiffany Walker is Sammy's aloof and generally unpleasant older, who sister who spends her time bitching over her family having to move to a new town. When she's not doing that, she constantly bullies and teases her brother, thinking of him as a "freak of nature" due to an Ambiguous Disorder he has.
    • Chad Walker is Sammy and Tiffany's father who at first seems distant to his son; it's implied he sees Sammy as a "freak" too. According to Tiffany, and his wife, he was a doctor who got fired over sexually harassing women. When Tiffany is killed by Estelle, Chad flies into a rage, telling Sammy he should have died instead, and begins trying to beat and strangle his son to death.

Extended Universe Shorts

  • Rapunzel vs Mira vs SFC: Victoria is a member of of the Sunny Family Cult, and sorority girl who started a fire that disfigured Rapunzel, killed her friends, boyfriend, and ruined her life, simply because Rapunzel refused to join her murder cult. If that wasn't enough she mocks her over it to her face, while planning to kill her.
Mira Mira
  • The Girl In the Mirror: Amanda the protagonists vain and superficial cousin, and constantly bullies him over a facial birthmark he has self esteem issues over. Going as far as to do her make up in his bedroom while he's trying to sleep, she taunts him that "not everyone is meant for beauty."
  • Eye of the Beholder: Sheri is Amanda's mother, and as vain and narcissistic as she was in her youth despite becoming bitter with age. Blaming the protagonist for her daughter's death years before, she constantly yells at him and bullies him over his birthmark calling it a "devils mark".
  • New Blood: Jake and his girlfriend Cece are a duo of psychotic bullies who constantly terrorize and torment Patty over the burn scars that disfigured her, going as far as to tell her that the fire that killed her mother should have killed her too. At the time of the short, they end up chasing Patty through the woods with the intent on mutilating her. When Patty is saved by the protagonist of the previous shorts, Jake disembowls him and mocks him as he starts to bleed out.
  • Reunion: Zack was a friend of the protagonist from school, who ends up being a follower of the Mordeo. To become such a monster himself, he lures his friend a camping trip, before torturing him and cannibalizing another hostage and cracking sadistic jokes about it. Having turned into a Mordeo, he eats his friends hand after seeming to mimic their handshake.
  • Encounters: Dylan is an arrogant friend of the protagonists and a reckless driver who caused an accident that he brags about surviving badly scathed. He has no remorse that the accident caused an elderly couple to die, a mother to be paralyzed, while her baby was killed in the wreck; he tells his friend that their deaths are their own fault for following the rules. Simply put, when Soot arrives to claim him, he's got it coming.
  • Waterworks: Chuck is a violent brute who kidnaps the protagonist and holds her captive in a motel for days, demanding for a ransom despite being told the money he wants is impossible. He spends his time causing damage and setting fires out of petty violence, as well as beating and strangling the protagonist.
Woe Bone
  • Lexi's Vengeance: Ben and Christy are a sibling duo of homophobic bullies who pick on the protagonist and vandalize his house because he has two moms. They call him a freak and even a monster over it, and when they later corner him, jokingly threaten to drown him.

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