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  • Complete Monster:
    • Sunny Family Cult: Roger is the ultimate villain of the series, and previous leader of the titular murder cult before being kicked out. Roger goes on an independent killing spree searching for his niece Taylor, tormenting her and her friend Janine and killing Janine's boyfriend. Roger also maims Allie Anne in an attempt to intimidate her and her mother. Posing as a friendly teacher and detective, Roger gets close to and abducts Taylor. When he first founded the cult, their goals to kill the corrupt and cleanse society were simply an outlet for his own misanthropy, and ambitions to become one of the "Divine Beings of Darkness". Years prior, Roger used to bully and twist his younger brother Elias into a devout follower, and tries to kill him before being defeated; Roger declares the cult his family before disowning them when they exile him and pick Elias over him. In the present, Roger butchers the guests and staff of a motel, explaining his ritual needs Taylor broken to fulfill his prophecy. Roger fatally wounds Elias before Taylor finally kills him, starting Roger's transformation.
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    • Fight Night: Micah is the greedy and vicious manager of the titular underground fight club, with the MO of kidnapping monsters from across the country and fitting them with shock collars to keep them in line; she then has humans kidnapped to go up against these monsters in a fighting ring where they are inevitably slaughtered. At one point, she uses her collars to torture Estelle (of Mohawk) when she tries to escape, only relenting when she needed Estelle for a later match. While she claims to seek out criminals and the corrupt, it's purely for the entertainment of her audience and the money she'd get. In some cases she may even have people framed in order to dishonestly throw into the ring in order to sell a story; such is seemingly the case with a woman accused of killing her own baby. When Porter realizes the woman is innocent and tries to help her escape, Micah gouges out one of his eyes and throws him in the ring in retaliation, and then tries to kill Porter herself when he frees Colossus.
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    • The Birch: Sebastian "Seb" Polks is a ruthless thug and drug dealer whose business runs his town. He laced his drugs with painkillers to make them more addictive, which gets several people killed on overdoses, including Evie Grayson's mother. He uses his nephew Thurston as a drug mule, frequently beating and maiming Thurston if the latter crosses him. When Seb learns that Evie could be interfering with his business by having his gang members killed, he maims her father to send a warning. When he finds out Thurston and Gavin are planning to run away, he tries to coerce Thurston into trying to kill Evie and her father, literally forcing Thurston's hand to shoot Evie's father. To get Gavin's compliance, Seb threatens to have the latter's mouth mutilated, claiming that's what he'd do to someone he "loves". When later confronted, he tries to kill and maims Thurston and Gavin with an electric saw.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • The Birch from the titular short. Its visual design and behavior are so memorable and intimidating that it's video is the most watched one on the whole channel. It eventually made a return to fight the Brute in a later video and ended up getting its own Facebook Watch series that explored its origin story.
    • The Look-See has garnered a bit of a fanbase, as well.
    • The Mordeo also seemed to have gain a big following, enough that more than one Creepypasta had been written and read on the channel.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: When ever a video goes for Black Comedy over full blown horror, it will almost certainly enter this territory.
  • Narm: Despite being portrayed by obvious actors, most of the monsters are actually pretty terrifying and convincing-looking. Except for the title creature from "The Mauler", which is just a big fat Pig Man in human clothes with sharp teeth and big cartoony eyes, and even when it's slaughtering children, it is very hard to take seriously.
  • Narm Charm: The big twist of "Demon Clown": Not only is the title character actually a totally sweet guy, if somewhat socially awkward, the real reason he was running after those kids? Visiting a client who responded to his ad on Craigslist, she turned out to be a violent creep with a clown fetish, who sexually assaulted him while they were both in full clown makeup. He wasn't running after those kids to attack them, he was running after them begging for their help after he was sexually assaulted. On paper, it sounds completely ludicrous, but in context it's actually kind of heartbreaking.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The channel lives and breathes this trope.
  • Tearjerker: "The Water's Edge" is perhaps the most overtly depressing of all the shorts. A grieving widower's daughter, Lexi, is tricked into becoming some sort of disgusting swamp monster, called a 'Woe Bones', who eats people. Unlike most of the people who die on this channel, none of those who die are Asshole Victims, the first being an older couple, the wife who was trying to give the Lexi CPR. She ends up killing the youngest brother of a trio of siblings, leading to the other two beating her father near to death trying to find out where the 'monster' is. Eventually, they are killed as well. Lexi's father lives just long enough to hold her hand one last time. Once he dies, she lets out a mournful wail. Downer Ending doesn't begin to cover it. And to make it worse, at the end of the short, a monster hunter (who is heavily implied to be a grown up Carrie from “The Door in the Woods”) comes along and tricks another Woe Bone with some fresh meat, giving it an ax to the back of the head, which means as long as that hunter is around, Lexi isn’t safe.
    • The short Turned is also very depressing no matter how you interpret it. Turned seems to take place during a Zombie Apocalypse and is about a mom and her child trying to survive with a male survivor. The other survivor wants to leave her son behind but she doesn't want to for obvious reasons and in the process of saving her son from a zombie whom we only hear offscreen, she gets bitten. The rest of the short is the mom trying to desperately get her son away from her and trying commit suicide before she completely turns but failing at it because she keeps remembering all the good times they had together while she was raising him. To make matters even more dire in a effort to get her son away from her she tried to play hide and seek with him and found out after she locked the door of the room she is in that her son is still in the room with her, hiding under the bed. She desperately tries to get out the room or do something other than potentially killing her son as a zombie whilst suffering increasingly worse hallucinations. The final part of the short ends on her percieving that everything is okay and hugging her son...but its heavily implied by a sudden crack and clicking noise she makes while hugging him that the reality to what happened that she fully turned and that the hug is really her eating her son as a zombie.
    • The entire Shelley series. Shelley Carter was a hockey player who was made a boyfriend named Oliver. After he went missing Shelley began trying to figure out what happened. The head mistress of the school hired Heidi Atherton. Heidi does so with her friends Nikki and Lauren who are unaware of what Heidi was bribed to do. It's revealed one Shelley's friends Celine (who was called blobby due to her weight) saw Heidi kill Shelley with her bare hands but ran away and did nothing. Despite Lauren being remorseful and even trying to help Shelley when Shelley comes back as a ghost 20 years later Lauren is brutally murdered anyways. After Heidi and Nikki are given their well deserved deaths by Shelley with the help of Celine, Shelley and Celine hold hands believing they are in a beautiful friendship... until Shelley cuts off Celine's hand and reveals she saw her do nothing to save her. As a result Celine murders Shelley's innocent mother and sister as payback.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: While the general quality of the monster's makeup and effects are amazing, especially by the standards of the YouTube anthology series, there are some instances where it looks... less then stellar.
    • The Vampire in it's short looks a little too much like a guy in shorts covered in flour.

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