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Haiku / Durarara!!

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Girl without a head.
Gang wars, demon swords, mythos.
Mikado's Badass.

Is anyone in
This whole freaking series not
A crazy stalker?

All people choose sides.
Shizuo or Izaya.

I have to side with
That Magnificent Bastard
Trollzaya is win.

Izaya's monstrous
Children are almost killed off
For shits and giggles.

All right, I'll say it;
I love a headless biker.
Are you happy now?


You see, Izaya
Has certificate in the art of troll.
And burns chessboards.

Durarara!! show;
where trash cans fly in the air.
when Izaya comes.


What's Durarara!!?
Well, there are about ten plots
Going on at once

Mikado's punch gun
came from nowhere, and yet it's
not unexpected.

This is not the first
time Baccano! has come up.
They share an author.


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