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  • Any time someone logs on to the Dollars web site the password is Baccano!!
  • Episode 1: A clip of Jacuzzi from Baccano!! appears on a Jumbotron; Walker is carrying a cardboard cutout of Holo.
  • Episode 3:
    • "They're pipiru piru piru angels who fly in the sky while showing their underwear to everyone below them!" Also, pictures of the main characters from Baccano!! appear in the background, and Walker is carrying a volume of Yozakura Quartet (Suzuhito Yasuda did the character designs for Durarara!! as well). Also: Flame Haze.
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    • Shizuo also gets his face covered in blood lending him some semblance to the Rail Tracer.
    • When Mikado and Anri flee the Shizuo/Izaya showdown, the way the camera focuses on them Holding Hands and the way Anri ends up half-dragging Mikado bears a strong resemblance to Nice and Jacuzzi in the Baccano!! OP.
  • Episode 5:
    • Karisawa & Yumasaki: "The Mellow Scarves?" Kadota: "Yellow Scarves!" Karisawa & Yumasaki: "Sou sore!" (Yeah, that's it!)—Karisawa points out that that was Hermes' line.
  • Episode 6:
    • Celty watches an alien autopsy show featuring a Suspiciously Similar Song version of The X-Files theme. Walker and Erika also pull out Bludgeoning Angel Dokurochan and Ladies Versus Butlers! novels at one point ("Pick a novel, we'll torture you according to its plot!") and the episode ends on a shot that includes a Hell Girl and Baccano billboard.
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    • The password that Kadota receives to join the Dollars is, you guessed it, "baccano".
    • One of the various silly claims Teen Idol Kasuka Heiwajima's manager makes about him is that he's a thousand-year-old vampire. Yes, Shizuo's brother is the Gackt of the Durarara universe.
  • Episode 7:
  • Episode 8:
    • "Does the scene where Walker and Erika are dancing in the street remind you anything, Miria ?" "What, Isaac ?
    • At the 7m22s mark, the light novel Accel World is explicitly named.
  • Episode 10: A Biribiri reference, thanks to Walker and Erika. Kadota is also seen reading A Certain Magical Index.
  • Episode 11: Erika's ringtone: "Ippenshindemiru?"
    • Not to mention the fact that Miria and Isaac make a cameo during Mikado's Moment of Awesome.
  • Episode 12.5: The story ends with a line from a poem "God is in heaven, and all is right with the world".
  • Episode 13 gives us Sound of the Sky and Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu references.
  • Episode 15 references Yotsuba&! by name.
  • Episode 16: Shizu-chan, you are too old to be sprouting out Gian like lines.
  • Episode 17: Shizuo vs. the Saika army. Does Shizuo's fighting style remind you of anything?.
  • Episode 18: Yet more Baccano!! clips are shown on a tv screen in one scene.
  • Episode 19: A poster of Chane Laforet from Baccano! can be seen in the background about halfway in.
  • Episode 20: The gang wars are illustrated using a Taiga figure, a Holo figure, and a Shana figure. There's also a Axis Powers Hetalia gashapon machine in the background, a Hiiro Yuki art book, as well as a clip from Black Butler II on a Jumbotron.
  • March 2011 Special: Erika comments that Ikebukuro's "Top couple" has to be Taiga and Ryuuji, while Walker cargo ship Sakura and Excalibolg.
  • From Volume 4: "Tsun tsun dere tsun dere tsun tsun...Kids sing it around the commercial street of Sakurashinmachi." Evidently, Kida reads Yozakura Quartet.
  • In the first volume of the manga there is a Grellevator.
  • In the manga, Erika and Walker use a Black Butler manga as inspiration for their torture. This is most likely because both mangas are being published by a magazine under Square Enix.
  • The manga Judge also appears here.
  • In the manga, Erika goes and buys "G-Fantasy" manga, which is the monthly magazine that DRRR!! is serialized in.
  • They also use a volume of Accel World.
  • In the manga when Mikado and Masaomi go to Animate, keep an eye out for the semi-obvious Fullmetal Alchemist and blatantly obvious Saki references. "A mah-jong manga for girls?"
  • Even Sword Art Online has one.
  • You can see a few familiar posters in Erika's apartment.
  • Samurai Flamenco:
    • Episode 5 of the second season briefly shows a trailer for Harakiri Sunshine, the Show Within a Show from Samurai Flamenco.
    • In episode 9, which is chronologically earlier than episode 5, there's an earlier shot of the second episode of Samurai Flamenco.
  • Aldnoah Zero posters also show up in episode 5 of season 2.
  • In the season 2 premiere, Walker and Erika reveal they're fans of The Irregular at Magic High School and Kadota reaffirms his preference for A Certain Magical Index.
  • In Season 2, Episode 8, Walker is shown to be a fan of a female painter named "Suzie Yasuda", a nod to Suzuhito Yasuda, the creator of Yozakura Quartet and illustrator of the Durarara light novel.
  • Season 2 episode 11 namedrops Dynasty Warriors, courtesy of Walker.
    • In the same sequence he pulls out a lighter featuring Komoe-sensei and makes a quip about he didn't learn what he's doing from her classroom.
  • Walker in season 2 episode 12: "I can't believe Anri is a Flame Haze!"
  • In the episode 31 of the second season, Togusa asks what is going on because of the mess happening on the Dollars message board. Walker responds that they will finally see the advent of the demon city Ikebukuro, that a demon-summoning app will be installed on his phone and their survival life will then begin. And ends the scene with a "Let's survive!", arc words of the game and the anime. Even better because the game itself had a cameo from Durarara characters (due to having the same designer) with Celty, Shizuo using his trademark pole as a weapon, and Izaya in it.... in Japan. So it's a cross-reference between works.

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