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  • "Getting Over Davey"
    • Portia's denial of Davey not interested in her.
    Digger: Davey's a hero, you're a zero! Davey doesn't even know you exist!
    Portia: EEH! So untrue. Don't you two lugnuts ever get tired of being wrong all the time?
    [Digger was about to retort...]
    Eddie: Nope.
    [Digger glares at him]
    • Portia is beginning to suffer from her Davey withdrawal.
    Mama B: Would you like some gravy with your fries?
    Eddie: Did you say... Davey?
    Mama B: Yes, fresh hot Davey.
    Eddie: You bet! I love Davey!
    [Portia imagines Digger dressing like Davey, she runs out of the Diner screaming]
    • "Be brave-y, no Davey."


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