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Funny / Van Halen

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  • Many of Dave's speaking breaks and the "Hot for Teacher" video.
    • "I brought my PENCILLLLLLLL!"
    • "I don't feel tardy."
  • Also, his non sequiturs after the second chorus in "Unchained". The entire break in the song is a jab at the clothing choice of longtime producer Ted Templeman. It's Ted himself who says "C'mon Dave, gimme a break..."
    Dave: Eh-heh-heh-hey! One break, comin' up!!! (the song swells into the third chorus)
    • Most, if not all of Dave's talky parts boil down to CMOFs, in the end.

(Synth Solo)

  • The "music video" for "Everybody Wants Some!!" in the film Better Off Dead.
  • The acoustic first half of "Ice Cream Man" may count too.
  • Dave's isolated vocals on "Runnin' With the Devil."
  • The kiss at the end of "Beautiful Girls."
    • Shortly before that, as the rest of the band continues singing and playing the song's chorus, we hear Dave trying to hit on a girl. One second, he's asking her for her name, and the next..."Hey, where you goin'? Hey!"

(Guitar Solo)