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  • "Eruption", the drum and guitar solos in "Hot for Teacher", "And The Cradle Will Rock...", "Running With The Devil", and many more...
    • The drum intro to "Hot for Teacher" certainly qualifies.
  • Out-performing Ted Nugent when they opened for him (their first major US tour).
  • The absolutely incredible buildup in the intro to "Right Now." It MUST be heard.
  • The Blue Angels video for "Dreams".

(Guitar Solo)

  • A Different Kind of Truth as a whole. It's a crowner for Dave's return, and also seals the doubt whether Wolf is a competent enough musician to ride on his dad and uncle's legacy.
    Say you missed me. Say it like you mean it.
  • Eddie Van Halen's use of high-gain guitars, amps and effects, modernized and perfected "shredding" technique of two-handed tapping and whammy-bar manipulation (especially as heard on his solo piece from Van Halen, "Eruption"), and the use of what would be known as "superstrat" guitars (many of them self-made), all taken to extents that even Jimi Hendrix nor many of the guitar heroes of the day had brought the guitar, heralded a new era of guitar heroics in The '80s.
    • And it basically was a kid in a garage with limited equipment and technical know-how, looking for a sound and a style that inspired him. He apparently built the Frankenstrat from a guitar kit, spare parts and a Charvel neck, soldered the electronics himself (only the rear pickup works) and bought his first Marshall amp from a club he played, which was the club's house PA system. He was self-taught on guitar, reportedly expanding two-handed tapping on a technique he aped from Jimmy Page during a Led Zeppelin concert he went to.
      • In their early days, Van Halen was represented by Gene Simmons of Kiss and they got to see Kiss front-row when Ace Frehley do similar techniques which Ace learned independently. Despite some quibbles, respect between Ace and Eddie were strong. "I didn't get it from him and he didn't get it from me" to quote Ace.
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  • Say what you will about Van Halen III, but even its critics often agree that "Fire in the Hole" is a real treat to the ears.


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