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  • "Eruption", the drum and guitar solos in "Hot for Teacher", "And The Cradle Will Rock...", "Running With The Devil", and many more...
    • The drum intro to "Hot for Teacher" certainly qualifies.
  • Out-performing Ted Nugent when they opened for him (their first major US tour).
  • The absolutely incredible buildup in the intro to "Right Now." It MUST be heard.
  • The Blue Angels video for "Dreams".

(Guitar Solo)

  • A Different Kind of Truth as a whole. It's a crowner for Dave's return, and also seals the doubt whether Wolf is a competent enough musician to ride on his dad and uncle's legacy.
    Say you missed me. Say it like you mean it.
  • Eddie Van Halen's use of high-gain guitars, amps and effects, modernized and perfected "shredding" technique of two-handed tapping and whammy-bar manipulation (especially as heard on his solo piece from Van Halen, "Eruption"), and the use of what would be known as "superstrat" guitars (many of them self-made), all taken to extents that even Jimi Hendrix nor many of the guitar heroes of the day had brought the guitar, heralded a new era of guitar heroics in The '80s.
    • And it basically was a kid in a garage with limited equipment and technical know-how, looking for a sound and a style that inspired him. He apparently built the Frankenstrat from a guitar kit, spare parts and a Charvel neck, soldered the electronics himself (only the rear pickup works) and bought his first Marshall amp from a club he played, which was the club's house PA system. He was self-taught on guitar, reportedly expanding two-handed tapping on a technique he aped from Jimmy Page during a Led Zeppelin concert he went to.
      • In their early days, Van Halen was represented by Gene Simmons of Kiss and they got to see Kiss front-row when Ace Frehley was doing similar techniques, which he learned independently (Ace did standard hammer-ons, while Eddie expanded to using his fretting hand as the nut). Despite some quibbles, respect between Ace and Eddie were strong. To quote Ace: "I didn't get it from him and he didn't get it from me."
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  • Say what you will about Van Halen III, but even its critics often agree that "Fire in the Hole" is a real treat to the ears.


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