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Funny / Trials of the God-Harem King

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  • Everyone's reaction in Kuoh Academy to Issei's new appearance. Considering he went from standard guy to bishounen in one night, it's pretty understandable.
  • Issei, Ddraig, and Bright's reaction to Mil-tan (Bright even thought that Mil-tan was a Fair Folk).
  • After Issei defeats Raiser and returns to his human form he is completely naked and in front Of The Occult Research Club, Beowolf, part of the student council, Yubelluna, and Ravel who is the one who is nearer to Issei when he returns to his human form.
  • In a meta-way, when a new and naive newcomer relights the flame war starting question about what set we should use for our Solar Bullshit set, two veterans start freaking out at the soon to come flame war.
  • During the Nura arc, Issei attempts to do a stakeout (key word attempt). Instead he gets distracted by social-fuing two thieving brothers (who were convinced to go work for Nintendo) and Shou the ghost who is basically as big of a social outcast pervert who died without getting laid. Issei tries to make Shou feel better by telling him about the girls in the afterlife (Devils and Fallen Angels), only to mention that he has more than one girlfriend... and makes the ghost snap and try to kill him.
    ...Those words are horribly familiar. Didn't you, Motohama and Matsuda use to say the same to Kiba every time you saw him being stormed by girls? ...When you go back you're going to give Kiba a heartfelt apology and offer to repay him someway.
  • When Issei meets with Irina, the first thing he assumes is that his childhood friend Shido had a twin sister that he never told him about. When Irina tells him that she is the childhood friend, the next assumption was that she got a sex change. Xenovia's struggling to hold her laughter, Ddraig laments that his host is a moron and Irina reacts as expected.
  • Mittelt seems to be a fan of Double Entendre:
    “What Fallen Angel? There are no Fallen Angels here.”
    “Don’t play dumb, I am talki-”
    Mittelt’s four golden wings emerges from her back. The sight makes Xenovia’s words devolves into incoherent splutter, while Irina stares wide-eyed. "Y-your wings! No way!"
    "Yeah, I signed up with a new god. He's big on forgiveness as long as you're really apologetic. I was on my knees for hours."
    "You must be very devout to this pagan deity to pray for so long." Xenovia says like she just swallowed a lemon.
    Mittelt puts a finger on her lips. “Prayer? Well, I suppose I did invoke my Lord and Savior's name several times."
    "...I guess you've converted Asia to this deity's service as well, then?" Irina asks.
    "If anything, she's more devout than I am! You should hear how she exalts his name every night!" She blonde exclaims, causing Asia to flush a glowing red.
  • Issei starts Head Desking at the implication that he's using his demigod powers to "save lost souls" in a manner similar to a cult leader. He also makes like a Deer in the Headlights upon returning to school to find he has fans - he wants a harem because he adores women, not because he wants groupies!
    • Rias laughing her head off at all of this. Fans are used to her smiling in amusement at best, but in this case she's Not So Above It All.