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Funny / A Triangle in the Stars

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  • Chapter Three
    • Bill trying to give Steven Lion's teeth as a "present" of gratitude. Also a bit of Nightmare Fuel, since said teeth still have blood trickling from their roots.
      Bill: Teeth! straight from the lion's mouth! far stronger than deer teeth, if I do say so myself! and they're all for you, kid!
    • Sadie hands Lars a giant stack of posters, which she claims she had left over for him, for insulting Bill. The kicker is the fact that he wouldn't have had to join them had he not insulted the demon.
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    • Bill and Lars exchanging death glares at the end.
  • This little gem occurs in Chapter Four, as dark as it is:
    "He [[Bill]] took more papers and tossed them at the walls, each of them magically stapling. A few almost hit a passing human, but he hardly cared about that. Besides, it was all about raising awareness, and, if it took getting a poster stapled to a part of your body, then that's what it took."
  • In Chapter Nine and Eleven, Connie and Steven call Bill "Billy" respectively, much to his annoyance.
  • Steven seems somewhat onboard with "shipping" Wendy and Bill in Chapter Eleven.
    Steven: Hey! lovebirds! we have better things to do than stare at each other! [[he grabbed Bill's hand and started pulling him along, away from Wendy. Bill doesn't even notice.]]
    Wendy and Bill: [[highly offended]] We're not lovebirds!
    • A minor one afterwards, but Wendy realizes the pool where she works is about to close and thus rushes there to make up for lost time.
  • Ronaldo's interaction with Bill and his friends in Chapter Twenty. Up to and including when Pyronica sets fire to his camera. What's more, he's only upset until he salvages some footage, and he excitedly declares that he's gonna put it on his blog.
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  • In Chapter Twenty-Two, Connie tries pulling a push door in her fear. Wendy demonstrably and calmly corrects her with a laughing smirk.
  • Chapter Twenty-Three has Connie ask Wendy if she'd dated Bill once. Her response:
    Wendy frowned at her disapprovingly, and shook her head slowly. Hell to the no.

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