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Funny / The Witches

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  • An unintentional one, but during the scary opening speech, there's a bit of levity when it says, "but... and here comes the big 'but'." Don't get it? Say it out loud!
  • While the stories about the kids who were lost to the witches are quite unsettling, there's something oddly funny about how Grandmama specifies that the girl-turned-chicken laid brown eggs and her parents made omelettes out of them. Grandmama comments that they were delicious.
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  • Grandmama describes the strange occurrences that happen at the hotels that witches have their annual meetings at. While most of them are fairly mundane, the last thing she mentions is an incident where a cook found a baby crocodile swimming in a saucepan of soup.
  • When Grandmama gets pneumonia, the doctors tell her to change the location of her summer holiday and give up smoking. The narrator makes a point of saying that Grandmama was convinced to change her mind about the holiday... but not the smoking.
  • Before realizing they're all witches, the boy witness the RSPCC attendees all scratching their hair and starts idly speculating about what's making them itchy.
  • While the Grand High Witch gives out the recipe for the Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse Maker, one of the witches panics because she thinks they'll need millions of alarm clocks, with one clock per child. The Grand High Witch tells them that one clock will work for a thousand children, but not before providing this comparison:
    "Idiots! If you are vonting a steak, you do not cook the whole cow!"
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  • Bruno doesn't even notice he's a mouse until the protagonist points it out to him, and even denies it, even though the floor is much closer to his face and judging by the protagonist's description, he must have gone through some very intense pain during the transformation.
    "The fact that you're a mouse has nothing to do with me."
  • The boy gets Bruno to start warming up to the idea of being a mouse by telling him that mice can sneak into the larder at night and eat themselves silly with whatever they can find.
  • The graphic novel has the distaff version of Jenkins repeatedly point out that her parents live a bohemian lifestyle. When they finally appear - after their daughter said they would have just been to yoga - Grandmama notes that they're carrying buckets of coins, which means they'd lied about the yoga and were instead gambling in the casino.