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  • Every moment Dathan is made to look like the whiny little ass that he is.
    • It was great when he was kicked off his transport and some sweet little old ladies put there in his place.
  • Once he wakes up and saves the girls from some ruffians, Moses finds he can't keep the ladies away, as they were washing his feet. ...That poor man.
    Moses: Never did a lost sheep have so many shepherds.
  • It was kinda cute how the girls find Moses after his exile, taking a nap.
    Lulua. What do you see, Sephora?
    Iyda. What are you looking at?
    Sephora (casually) A man.
    Everybody (except Sephora). SQUEEEEEE!!!!!
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  • Joshua and Lilia have an amusing romantic conversation to at least suggest the Hebrews are able to find a few light moments in their slavery, also counts as a Heartwarming Moment.
    Joshua: Here! Water lily!
    Lilia: My name is Lilia.
    Joshua: To me you are a lily, and I want water.
    Lilia: Joshua. Joshua, I thought you'd never come down.
    Joshua: Water before love, my girl.
    Lilia: Does it take the whole Nile to quench your thirst?
    Joshua: No, just your lips.
  • During Jethro's party, each of Sephora's six sisters do their dance to catch Moses' eye. Three of the sheiks offer their suggestions.
    First Sheik: A bride, a shawl. Choose one, not all!
    Second Sheik: One shawl, one wife, your choice for life!
    Third Sheik: It is a garden of many flowers, Moses. I wish you had my years and I had your choice!
  • When the Jews are leaving Egypt, one family can't quite convince their donkey to come along. Joshua rides by and quips "400 years in bondage, and today he won't move!"
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  • The fact that Moses threw the Ten Commandments to the idol and destroyed them along with it, before he even told his people what the laws were. Granted, he probably recited them from memory, but the thought of him having to go back up to ask God for another set of commandments is hilarious.
  • This phony trailer for a comedic version of the film.
  • A meta example, as told by Charlton Heston in his autobiography; the orgy scene was such a grueling shoot that one of the female extras asked, "Who do I have to fuck to get OUT of this movie??"
  • The Old Windbag.
    Jannes: The blessings of the god Amon-Ra be upon you, Great Prince! He has brought down the pride of Ethiopia! He has set his foot upon the crown of the south... He has raised Egypt to her greatest glory! May your name be exalted on earth, O Conqueror, even as the Sun is exalted in the heavens... blah blah...
    Sethi: The old windbag.
    Nefretiri: (in a very sultry voice) I agree with him.
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  • Being a wise, old Pharaoh, Sethi does get plenty of opportunities to snark.
    High Priest Jannes: Because of Moses, there is no wheat in the temple granaries!
    Sethi: You don't look any leaner.

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