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Funny / The Second-Hand Fool

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    Chapter One 
  • "Are you olay?"
  • The art for this chapter spells out "The Second-Hand Foo."

    Chapter Two 
  • Yukiko is so beautiful, it makes Alice stupid.
  • Alice realizing that she doesn't look threatening in footie pajamas.

    Chapter Three 
  • Haruka's introduction.
  • The start of the Running Gag:
    Narukami: My name is Narukami Yu. It’s nice to meet you all. I'm worth it.

    Chapter Four 
  • Haruka has tried the Midnight Channel, but didn't think it was that impressive.
  • The comment Kawaiiwolf left from someone critizising her:

    Chapter Five 
  • Alice getting constantly ignored.
  • Haruka fell right on top of Alice when they fell into the T.V.
  • Haruka's own way of giving Alice a mini "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Haruka: Walker-san, I'm sure you have a thousand great ideas a day. This is not one of them.
  • It's kinda funny seeing Alice get fed up with everyone not getting out, but it quickly becomes unfunny when she leads Haruka to her Shadow.

    Chapter Six 
  • Yuu comes to check on Haruka, and Alice thought he was checking on her. She gets angry when he corrects her.
  • Alice's Garu spells don't work against Yosuke's shadow.
  • Alice was about to (possibly) make fun/reveal that Haruka was trans... and Haruka whipped her.