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Characters / The Second-Hand Fool

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NOTE: This page is for the OC's in the fanfic. Do NOT put the canon characters in here.

    Alice Walker
"Why won't you listen to me?!"
Arcana: Universe
Persona: Nekomimisama
Alice is a Foreign Exchange Student, who comes to Inaba on a transfer program from America. She's roped into the Velvet Room because the protagonist from Persona3 signed two contracts, giving two people the power of the Wild Card. Her full bio is here.

And while she looks incredibly similar, she's not related to Hibiki Frolo in any way.

  • The Ace: At least, that's how you're supposed to see her.
    • Subverted in Chapter 7, when her powers are the weakest because her Garu spell doesn't work against another Wind user.
  • Blow You Away: So far, she's only used Garu spells as offensive spells.

    Haruka Fujiwara
"Let's get this going!"
Arcana: Sun
Persona: Tam Lin
Haruka is one of Alice's friends, and Alice's version of the Sun Social Link. The interesting thing to note is that Haruka is not supposeed to be seen as a Sue. Rather, Katie has developed her into an OC outside of the fanfic. Her bio can be found here.

  • Ascended Extra: Haruka is based on the weather girl on the rooftop, who in the original game, is only there to give you updates on the weather.
  • Composite Character: She replaces the culture club Sun Social Link. Justified because Alice doesn't join either of the clubs, meaning that she never meets the girls.
  • Plucky Girl: Despite her parents rejecting her, Haruka is happy, optimistic, and positive.
    • In Chapter 7, she refuses to stay with Chie because not going in would be like letting her Shadow win.
    • Easy Sex Change: Implied. Even though her family rejected her, her bio reveals that she's been on hormones for a year.