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Funny / The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming

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  • The one One-Scene Wonder group of disguised Russians.
    Russian sailors: Emergency! Everybody to get from street!
  • Officer Norman, poor poor heroic Norman.
    Norman: We've get to organized. We've GOT to get organized!
  • When Walt and Kolchin fight over Kolchin's gun, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Good ole Muriel Everett, the half blind postmistress. When she first sees the Russians from inside of her house, she walks outside to scold them. Needless to say, it went as expected.
    Muriel: It's those those high school kids... (goes outside and gets a better look at Rozanov and his men) Russians! Russians!
    Rozanov: (in Russian; subtitled) Gromolsky, go shut her up... but gently!
  • When Pete accuses his dad of collaborating with the enemy. And of course Mrs. Whittaker isn't much help.
    Pete: You told them everything they wanted to know, just like Arnold Benedict!
    Walt: That's Benedict Arnold, not Arnold... What are you saying, Pete? Are you saying you think your father is a TRAITOR?
    Pete: Yes I am! I bet I'm the only kid in the fourth grade whose father IS a famous trader.
    Elspeth: That's *traitor*. ...Just stop it, Pete! You're being silly!
    • The look Walt gives her always gets me.
  • One of the best parts is near the beginning, when Rozanov and Kolchin ask Walt for directions to a boat. Pete then starts asking "unwanted" questions.
    Pete: Ask them if they're Russians!
    Rozanov: Aha, nice little boy.

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