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YMMV / The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming

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  • Adaptation Displacement: Of the novel The Off-Islanders by Nathaniel Benchley.
  • Awesome Music: The opening credits, and the use of Russian male choir/American brass band throughout the film.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Pete. The Running Gag of his immense Patriotic Fervor making him insult the Russians and his own father (because he's trying to help the Russians, who needs be mentioned are armed, so they can get the hell out of his house ASAP-explicitly labeling him as a "traitor") and trying to showcase a seriously unneeded Defiant to the End attitude at every turn is either a very funny part of the plot or something infuriating.
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  • Funny Moments: Emergency, everybody to get from street!
  • Heartwarming Moments: When the kid nearly falls off the roof and has to be rescued by both the Russian crew and the townspeople. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.


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