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Funny / The Pink Panther (2006)

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The first film:

  • Much of the Animated Credits Opening by Bob Kurtz, featuring the Pink Panther character and the animated Clouseau. Highlights include:
    • Right after the opening with the Pink Panther dancing under a spotlight, we see the Panther walking across the screen, dragging a fog machine. This, as it turns out, is because Clouseau is right behind him, waving around a flashlight. Clouseau isn't watching where he's going, and he ends up walking into the credit reading "A SHAWN LEVY FILM", which he promptly karate-chops. Which ends up hurting his hand. After that, the Pink Panther sends a bomb painted to look like a soccer ball his way, but Clouseau scares the bomb away by pointing his gun at it, then accidentally shoots his pants.
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    • The Panther randomly dragging Clouseau into a tango. What makes it even better is that Clouseau is initially confused, then gets into it... and then realizes what's going on and points his gun at the Panther. The Panther responds by angrily slapping Clouseau in the face and storming off.
      • Clouseau, in response, takes out a bouquet of flowers and dashes off after him.
    • The Panther dresses up as a conductor and conducts an offscreen orchestra, summoning musical notes... which then proceed to wrap around a stumbling-about Clouseau.
    • This is immediately followed by the Panther walking into a room wearing a police uniform very much like the one Clouseau is wearing. The Panther then exits the room, and Clouseau enters... and then promptly realizes that he's naked, covers himself, and nervously exits.
    • Clouseau then hits his head on another credit, when he then inspects with his magnifying glass. As he's doing this, the Panther descends upside-down from the ceiling and blows at the back of Clouseau's head. When Clouseau turns his head, the Panther zips back up, and then the magnifying glass ends up setting the credit on fire. Clouseau then nervously stamps out any flames emerging from the ashes... one of which causes him to fall through the floor.
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    • He ends up falling into a room where the Panther is having a party. And then he falls through the floor of THAT room, too. And then the logs in the fireplace fall through the hole in the floor, resulting in a large fire that sends Clouseau flying back up through the hole and the hole in the ceiling. Meanwhile, the Panther and the two girls that he's with start roasting wieners.
    • Finally, we see Clouseau walk up to a wall and put up a poster of the Panther accompanied by the word "MISSING". The Panther then comes to life, dons a top hat and starts tap-dancing, much to Clouseau's confusion. Clouseau then climbs into the poster just as the Panther is exiting it. Then, as Clouseau is realizing that he is now trapped, the Panther walks over to the poster and causes it to blow away.
  • Ey would like to bay a AMBIERGAH!
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  • When Clouseau drops the Viagra down the drain.
    Closeau: My miracle pill for the middle-aged man!

The second film:

  • Again, all of the animated title sequence. One in particular pretty funny moment is when The Thinker is lifted into the air by a rope. Clouseau then walks under the statue, and we see that the Panther is the one that lifted the statue into the air. He smirks at us, then very slowly releases his fingers from the rope that is holding up the statue, resulting in it falling on top of Clouseau.
  • How Pepperidge handles Avallaneda's fury:
    Avallaneda: "Is this what it's come to? That I must strip down and remove my clothes, in the sanctity of my own home, before a group of people I've only just met, just to prove my innocence!?"
    Pepperidge: "Well, it wouldn't hurt."
  • The "jojoba" scene.
  • The Pope Scene
  • Dreyfuss abruptly and repeatedly slamming his head into the wall. It looks like it hurts, but that's why it's so funny.
  • Clouseau burning down the La Plata de Nada restaurant. Twice.

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