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Funny / Revenge of the Pink Panther

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  • "Special delivery; a Beaumb! ("bomb") were you expecting one?"
  • During the climax, as Dreyfus is shooting at Clouseau:
    Clouseau: (in disguise) It's me!
    Dreyfus: I know! (continues shooting)
  • The brothel scene where Clouseau returns to his apartment only to find Cato has turned it into a brothel where the password is to say that your Inspector Clouseau.
  • Disguised as Dreyfus, Clouseau is being chauffeured by Francois (assistant to both him and Dreyfus at various times) who talks about how happy Dreyfus must be that Close is dead and how disappointing it for Dreyfus to be duty-bound to avenge Clouseau's murder. Clouseau has to stay quiet for all of this to avoid blowing his cover, but reaches out like he’s going to strangle Francois at one point.
  • Dreyfus Corpsing while being interviewed about Clouseau's supposed talents, and giving his eulogy and trying to cover it up as if he’s horribly sad.
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  • Clouseau's Swedish seaman disguise, as shown in the image.
  • During the shootout at the end Dreyfus asks if Clouseau is hurt and he replies he was saved by the darkness. Dreyfus then declares that what they need is some light and strikes a match, only to accidentally light the fuse to fireworks which blow up the warehouse.
  • The mob setting a trap that Simone says is so obvious Clouseau will know it’s a trap. Her boyfriend thinks that instead he’ll think it’s so obvious it can’t possibly be a trap. The camera then cuts to Clouseau’s apartment where the inspector is arguing with Cato. Guess which one of them is saying it’s so obvious it has to be a trap, and which one is so obvious it can’t possibly be a trap.


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