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Funny / The Outsiders

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  • "My first trip to the zoo. Oh, boy, oh, boy."
  • During Ponyboy and Randy's talk in the movie, Two-Bit is left with the other socs and trolls them the entire time.
    Two-Bit: Look at their pants!
  • Dally's last second entrance before the rumble even starts.
  • Dally's friend Tim Shepard remarking that he saw Dally's picture in the paper and couldn't believe it didn't have "Wanted Dead or Alive" under it.
  • Two-Bit meeting Cherry and Marcia.
    Two-Bit: Who's this, your great-aunts?
    Cherry: (without missing a beat) Great-grandmothers, twice removed.
    Two-Bit: Shoot, you're ninety-six if you're a day.
    Marcia: I'm a night.
    Two-Bit: Brother, you're a sharp one. Where'd you two ever get to be picked up by a couple of greasy hoods like Pony and Johnny?
    Cherry: We really picked them up. We're really Arabian slave traders and we're thinking about shanghaiing them. They're worth ten camels apiece at least.
    Two-Bit: Five. They don't talk Arabian, I don't think. Say something in Arabian, Johnnycake.
  • It's easy to miss, but in the movie, Two-Bit is a fan of Mickey Mouse cartoons. At one point he's utterly transfixed on the TV, holding a beer in one hand and most of a chocolate cake in the other.
  • Before the rumble, Ponyboy asks when Soda and Darry started shaving. Soda jokingly wonders if he was hoping to sprout a full beard in time for the fight, and Pony sarcastically replies that he should write in to the Reader's Digest, since they pay for jokes.