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The Kids in the Hall, being one of the funniest shows of The '90s, has too many to list. But to name some highlights:

  • Every Chicken Lady sketch.
    • Dave's face and Mark's smirk in Chicken Lady's Blind Date after Mark delivers the "Straight out of my body and onto your plate" line makes this whole sketch.
    • "Gotta get laid. Gotta get laid. Gotta get laid."
  • "The Affair" is Refuge in Audacity at its finest.
  • "Sex Girl Patrol" is amazingly stupid.
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  • The guy who just can't remember the name of "Citizen Kane."
  • The best Kids sketches are the ones that go way down the rabbit hole very quickly, such as the sketch where one couple is way too comfortable around another couple.
  • The "Empty Promises" guy who keeps making increasingly generous promises and stoically never follows through.
  • "My pen! My pen!!!"
  • The one with the guy who sexually harassed himself is classic Kids In The Hall nonsense.
  • The "Womyn" sketch, in which five poker buddies one-by-one cycle with absolute sincerity through reasons why they want to be more like women, all from a bizarrely quasi-pro-feminist-but-utterly-clueless standpoint:
    Guy #5: I'd like to be a dyke.
    Guy #4: Who wouldn't? [sniggers]
    Guy #5: Don't be crass! I meant that. [beat] I'd like to be buried in the sisterhood of women.
    Guy #3: Yeah. Lesbians are so great. They get so much done in a day.
    Guy #5: Yeah. Yeah, you know why? Cause they get it done together. There's no competition. With them, it's "Go team!", all the way.
    Guy #1: Wow. Womyn together, huh?
    Guy #4: Is that "womyn" with a "y"?
    Guy #1: [disgusted] Aw — d'you have to ask?
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  • "The Nap" sketch, where Dave wakes up from a nap to discover that he's been asleep for 20 minutes. In that time his job has become redundant, his wife has had a baby, and left him for his best friend.
    Dave: "I've lost my job, I've lost my wife, I've lost TWENTY MINUTES OF MY LIFE"
  • Pretty much the whole "Art Studio" sketch, making fun of political correctness. But especially this exchange.
    Black Student: Where are the nude models of colour?
    Transgender Student: The people of girth? The handicapable? The elderly?
    Gay Student: The queer?
    Teacher: I'm sorry, but naked, black, fat, crippled dykes are hard to find!
  • Paul Bellini dancing on The Kids' grave in the final episode.
    Paul: Thank God that's finally over.

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