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Funny / The Haunting (1963)

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  • There aren't a lot of laughs in the Haunting, but a true classic comes with Luke's remark: "Doc, I'll let you have the house cheap." It works all the better considering that it follows the breathing door scene.
    • There's also the part were the group finds the library's collection of books full of creepy demon illustrations. Luke considers using them to make Christmas cards.
    • Another one from Luke, as his skepticism begins to unravel:
    Luke: "I haven't seen a damn thing!" (beat) "I just don't like the way it looks."
  • One from Markway early on when he finds the two girls lost in the hallway:
    Markway: "Now, which door?"
    Theo: (considers, then points) "That one."
    Markway: "Wrong. I've studied the map, it's this one."
    Markway confidently walks through the door...and into a broom closet.
    After which he walks out with a broom and comments that it proves that one of the girls is a witch.
  • After the scare on the first night, with the sound of something throwing itself against the door, Eleanor and Theo just collapse laughing when Markway and Luke didn't even hear the banging.
    • And when Markway remarks that there isn't any scratches on the door, Eleanor laughs at how polite the ghost was to not mark the woodwork.

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