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  • Damian's reaction to Lindsay and Alex each doing a whipped cream body shot off Hannah's chest in "Sexuality".
    • Damian's facial reactions in general, as well as a lot of his Confession Cam comments.
  • Emily's send-up of Jersey Shore, dressing up as if Snooki were on Glee.
  • Cameron making Damian saying dirty things in an American accent here.
  • Co-Producer Ian Brennan is just silly in general.
    Ryan Murphy: [Samuel} has Bible quotes and Jesus tattoos all over his body.
    Ian Brennan: Wow...I would have really lame Leviticus quotes like "Though shalt not eat rock badger".
  • Zach on Damian.
    Zach: When I first saw Damian dance my reaction was...don't.
    • Really any time Zach comments on below average dancing.
      Zach: I really think the season 2 contenders are...trying?
  • Charlie when he finds out that the Vulnerability homework assignment is "My Life Would Suck Without You", which isn't a very vulnerable song.
    Charlie: My first thought is...why?! You can only be so vulnerable to a bass line that goes PB-TSS, PB-TSS, PB-TSS, PB-TSS, PB-TSS, PB-TSS, PB-TSS, PB-TSS. *beat* Y'know?
  • The Adventures of Really Nice Guy and his partner Charlie.
  • Nellie's hilariously deadpan interpretation of "Milkshake".
    Aylin: I think "my milkshake" is like, my bod.
    Nellie: I really used to think this song was about milkshakes!
    Aylin: Why would the milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard?
    Nellie: Because everyone loves milkshakes!
    Aylin: "Damn right, it's better than yours, I could teach you, but I'd have to charge"?
    Nellie: I could teach you how to make this milkshake but then I wouldn't make a profit because you could just make your own.
    Charlie (singing): I'll teach you the economics of opening a milkshake stand.
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  • Robert, of all people, admitting to everyone that he'd lost his virginity to "More Than Words".

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