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Heartwarming / The Glee Project

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  • The ending of every episode (save the finale), where the eliminated contestant sings lead on "Keep Holding On" while the others sing backup.
  • Cameron quitting the competition in week six to avoid compromising his principles and to save Damian.
    • A trick has been missed if you thought Cameron was aware of who he was saving before he quit. Ryan only made that clear once his decision had been made.
  • Alex singing "His Eye is On the Sparrow" despite the fact that it had been sung at his father's funeral.
  • Everything about the final episode, "Glee-ality".
    • All of the eliminated contestants come back to sing backup on "Raise Your Glass" and watch the final performances.
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    • Damian dedicating his final performance (of Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea") to Hannah and Cameron.
    • Ryan pulling a Take a Third Option and not only naming Damian and Samuel co-winners, but also giving Lindsay and Alex each a 2-episode guest spot on Glee.
  • Charlie almost in tears during the finale of season 2 when he gives Ryan an impassioned speech about why Aylin needs to win.
    Charlie: Ryan, I think Aylin may not be the best actor, but you can get her there. What Aylin has the potential to do for you and for this show is to take the bridge of fear and intolerance that has defined the post-9/11 decade in the country and burn it to the ground...she's amazing to me and I think she can be amazing to thousands and thousands of people.

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