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Funny / The Florida Project

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  • Bobby kicking Moonee and Scooty out of the lobby for dripping ice cream on the floor.
    Bobby: (as they leave) Thank you!
    Moonee: (offscreen) YOU'RE NOT WELCOME!
  • The group of kids yelling "boobies" at Gloria while she sits by the pool with her top off. The subsequent exchange between her and Bobby also qualifies.
  • Moonee and Scooty giving Jancy the tour of their motel.
    Moonee: The man in here gets arrested a lot.
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  • The kids breaking into the electric room and turning off the power for everyone in the motel. This is followed by a wide, lingering shot of the people in the building slowly walking out of their rooms and yelling at Bobby, who's walking exasperatedly to get the problem fixed.
  • Moonee eats a strawberry and raspberry at the same time:
    Moonee: Man oh man, that's gross.


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