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Funny / The Dilgar War

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  • Joe Tennant's antics, including chanting the haka before battle and then complaining about his ship not having artificial gravity (preventing him from dancing the haka too) and planning to change the alert sirens of the Nemesis with war drums.
  • Francis O'Leary debut: boasting about his abilities as an hacker to impress a girl, entering the personnel archives of Earthforce and looking the file of Jennifer Sakai to prove he actually can, and see that Jennifer Sakai is the same girl he was trying to impress. Oh, Crap! ensues.
  • Warmaster Dru'tal wanted to take over the Dilgar Imperium, and tried to threaten Jha'dur into submission. Jha'dur's listing his allies and how they had been neutralized in various 'accidents' is an Overly Long Gag, concluded by Jha'dur taking responsability for the governor of Tirrith being shot down by Starfuries (captured by the Dilgar and crewed by Jha'dur's people for testing purposes and that one assassination) before pointing out he was Too Dumb to Live to try and take over from the person that owns the intelligence community.
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  • Jha'dur's realization that the survivors of the Persephone, who had been sent on Tirrith before the ship's Heroic Sacrifice, were escaping on her shuttle.

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