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  • The Heroic Sacrifice of EAS Persephone at Tirrith. At the time Earth was neutral, and the Persephone found herself the only ship that could stop a Dilgar scouting force from slaughtering a group of escaping refugees. So the Persephone, who, having a jump engine, could have easily escaped, took on fifteen Dilgar ships and destroyed them all, allowing the refugees to reach the jumpgate and escape, but getting the jump engine wrecked in the process right when Jha'dur entire elite force showed up. So, what the Persephone did? She charged straight at the nearest dreadnought (that just happened to be Jha'dur's original flagship) to try and destroy that too. Between the Persephone defeating the scouting force (with help, but what ships Tirrith had was little more than target practice and the Earthforce cruiser had to do most of the job) and the final charge it was the first hint that the Dilgar had someone to fear, and it showed the League they had someone capable and willing to stop the Dilgar because it was the right thing to do.
    • Also, the escape of the soldiers from the Persephone who were on the planet when the Dilgar arrived. Not only they made the Dilgar soldiers run all over the planet (and Alfredo Garibaldi killed one of their elites with a crowbar), took back the Persephone's black box, rescued a captured human solider and stole important Dilgar data before escaping on Jha'dur's private shuttle. The Dilgar officers who allowed the latter ended helping Jha'dur's experiments.
  • The Dilgar assaults on Brakir are this for the defenders:
    • During the first attack, brought by a single Strike Fleet, the Brakiri are relying only on their home fleet and static defenses, the survivors of the engament that saw the destruction of their mobile forces, and some alien ships that were forcefully pressed into joining the defenders, and their already low morale is weakened at the start when the Corumai, the mighty warship they designed to be the strongest vessel in the galaxy, fails to activate due its various design flaws and the reactors not being powerful enough for the overgunned vessel. They still managed to inflict enough losses that warmaster Sha'dur decided to fall back and wait for reinforcements.
      • Among the pressed alien ships there was a squadron from the security forces of the Belt Alliance, that had arrived there to escort a convoy with small arms for the Brakiri right in time for the Brakiri to grow desperate enough to force all armed ships to stay and help. Due to Earth Alliance law, the Belters are forced to field ships with light weapons, the old Delta-V fighters (the same cannon fodder used by the Raiders in the series) and the somewhat less old Starfox (a copy of the second Starfury model, long phased out), and crewed mostly by unexperienced civilians. Their entrance in the battle to plug a breach is heralded by the annihilation of a large Thorun wing, and they continue inflicting disproportionate losses until a squadron of Dilgar ships forces them to retreat... Right where some Brakiri Kill Sats can wipe the Dilgar squadron out.
      • Right when the Dilgar look about to hit the Brakiri headquarters, the Balosian Free Navy, the survivors of the fleet from the first world hit by the Dilgar, hit their attack force on the flank and allow the last Brakiri reserves to finish it off. This is when Sha'dur decides to fall back.
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    • In the second assault the Dilgar have received reinforcements, the decimated Brakiri have been weakened by the Balosians and many of the pressed alien ships escaping in the chaos following the first assault (most notably, the Belt Alliance squadron has escaped with the help of the Balosians)... And suddenly, the Corumai comes to life and annihilates a squadron every time it opens fire. By the time the ship rams a mass driver shot to save the capital and their headquarters, the Dilgar have decided to not mount another assault on Brakir until they can mobilize their entire fleet for fear of the Brakiri having another in reserve. And the ship was working at half its specs
    • One in the aftermath of the assaults: the long experience in fixing the Corumai and then the field experience of it finally moving and fighting allowed the Brakiri to work out the flaws and build another, one that actually works as expected.
  • The two battles of Markab are two moments of awesome for Earthforce.
    • The first had Earthforce bask in the glory of awesomeness. Everyone knew the Dilgar could be defeated and forced to retreat, but it costed men and ships, and there was no guarantee the Dilgar wouldn't just return with greater strength. That, and Jha'dur never lost or retreated, she only knew victory. This time Earthforce showed up... And the Dilgar led by Jha'dur ran. The Markab, who were in utter despair just a moment before, called it a miracle from the gods.
    • The second had Jha'dur return with every ship on that front (by large and far the finest ships of their entire military with the exception of the Home Fleet) to try and break Earthforce. By the end of the battle the Dilgar were routed, most of their finest ships had been destroyed either by the Nova-class dreadnoughts or by an insane number of nuclear weapons, and Jha'dur had been nearly killed twice and was comatose.
      • In a sideshow of the Second Battle of Markab, the dreadnought EAS Nemesis was damaged early on and found herself unable to turn or slow down. The Dilgar sent a dozen ships to kill her off... And had to send another two dozens because Nemesis had destroyed them all. By the time the battle had ended, Nemesis was greatly damaged and had to be brought back to Earth for repairs, but had taken down three waves of Dilgar ships, even firing through her own hull to kill a well-positioned Dilgar ship and having one of her own starfuries fire at her fuel lines to turn.
      • This and other exploits of the Nemesis culminated in a moment of awesomeness in the final chapter. The crew of the Space Race was complaining that they should lead the victory parade when Jennifer mentioned the leading ship was the Nemesis, shutting up all protests.
  • Earthforce had sent a fleet through Narn space to reach the Drazi and help on their front, but had to stop at the border to acquire the new beacon. The local Narn commander was threatening to attack if the Earthforce fleet did not surrender... Cue G'kar showing up and browbeating the commander into submission while pointing out that Earthforce had been authorized to pass and he would have known had he read his orders. The poor bastard was already feeling doomed before the Earthforce commander pointed out he had had dealing with the Dilgar, by then hated by the Narn due what Jha'dur had done on Hilak.
  • Stro'kath forced the retreat of the Dilgar Third Strike and the Home Fleet while almost out of fuel and ammunitions. How? Easy: Fleet-wide ramming attack. Even better, had the Dilgar not retreated the losses in veterans, ships and one very capable admiral would have been crippling and left the way to Omelos open. Either way, he would have won. And he was improvising.
    • Pretty much every time Stro'kath is in battle. His crowning achievement is his crippling the Dilgar war machine and defeat of Jha'dur, without ever facing her, by simply attacking the staging area where the Dilgar were keeping a large part of their merchant navy to refuel the incoming Jha'dur and ignoring the warship escort to annihilate the cargoes, before leaving. When Jha'dur finally showed up, she was forced to concede her part on the Drazi front was finished, and in the later stages of the war the Dilgar suffered heavily for their inability to refuel and rearm their warships.
    • Hell, if it weren't for political interference ruining his high-speed timetable he damn well might have managed to end the war at a stroke even before the above two bits of awesomeness.
  • In chapter 27 a small Centauri House force fights a Narn task force over twice their numbers, and, to present the battle as a case of self-defence, let the Narn enter their shorter weapon range and fire first. Five minutes later, the Narn have been wiped out with some damage on their ships and the loss of a few fighters and a single attack cruiser that misjudged an attack run.
    • Londo and his friend Urza Jaddo took part to this battle as fighter pilots, and were in fact the ones who baited the Narn into attacking the Centauri fleet. They not only got away with it without a scratch, but also made a few kills.
  • Supreme Warmaster Gar'shan calls his final battle a masterpiece for a good reason: with an outnumbered, outgunned and demoralized force composed mostly of rookies and second rate forces, he managed to inflict obscenely disproportionated losses against the Allied fleet... Including the long-range bombardament ships of the Hyach Navy, forcing the survivors to fight into the range of the Dilgar fixed defenses' guns. All of this before throwing the remaining elite of the Dilgar into battle.

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