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Funny / The Citadel of Chaos

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  • At the beginning of the book, one of the options to get pass the Ape-Dog and the Dog-Ape is to pay them with a fake pile of gold created through the "Fool's Gold" spell. This results in them arguing over it while you casually enter the Citadel.
  • At some point when entering the fortress, the hero can be harassed by a wind creature, and use the "Creature Copy" spell to get rid of it. This results in the creature and its duplicate vainly attacking each other, only to be repelled mutually, while the hero just goes back to his own business.
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  • When in a cell kept by the Calacorm, your character gets the option of using the "Illusion" spell to imitate an enemy attacking the creature. This results in the illusion of a mouse, causing the hero to assume the spell has failed... only to find out the Calacorm is terrified by mice, and promptly frees you just to get rid of it.
  • The protagonist casting the "Creature Copy" spell on Balthus. He orders it to attack him, but Balthus turns the clone on the hero... who then turns it against Balthus... it keeps going on and on until the spell wears off.
  • The hero can try to use Slumber Berries on Balthus... who will laugh it off, asking sarcastically if he expects him to eat them. The situation is indeed silly.
  • The very fact that Balthus Dire's weakness and passcode to his room can be found in the library of the citadel.