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Funny / The Astounding Wolf-Man

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  • Triple Threat are a terrible trio of Wolf-man's first defeated villains. Thinking he is still in the woods where he was last seen they go to attack him. They cause a ruckus and destroy the forest to draw him out. Instead they draw out The Elder. He is EXTREMELY offended and proceeds to beat them to a pulp.
  • Invincible, a teenage sized guy carrying big hulking Wolf-man from place to place.
    Wolfman: "This is uncomfortable"
    Invincible: "I get that a lot."
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  • Later Invincible beats the entire Guardians of the Globe with The Immortal.
  • Wolf-man going moon-rage on The Face the second his control collar is removed.
  • Wolf-man and Mecha-maid 'working' with The Face and the other villains.
  • Chloe and Donald kissing.
    Donald: Uh...I'm married. And a robot.
    Chloe: And I'm sixteen. Gross.

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