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Funny / The Amazing Screw-On Head

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  • A rare justification for an Evil Laugh: there's a funny joke written on the ancient scroll Emperor Zombie is reading.
  • Emperor Zombie in both adaptations, especially David Hyde Pierce's portrayal.You can just tell he's having a ball being the bad guy.
    Emperor Zombie: [Dramatically] Here it is! Bangang Pagro-Esh... the Left Eye of Nog... the jewel worshipped by the wizards of Mu and the black priests of Atlantis, finally passed down to Gung the Magnificent who was chosen by the GODS to conquer the world with it! And now, it's mi...*Suddenly notices what he's holding* Ew! It's not a jewel, it's a dirty old piece of crap!

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  • This exchange as well
    Gung: Foolish mortals, you have no idea what horrors lie in *Proceeds to get shot repeatedly*
    Emperor Zombie: Do I look mortal to you?
  • And from Screw:
    "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN YOU MR. MANIFO-" *Camera abruptly zooms back in. Screw gives an Aside Glance, looks at camera.* "Excuse me. DAAAAAAAAAAMN YOU EMPEROR ZOMBIE!"
  • Immediately preceding that, what are Emperor Zombie's first spoken words in the pilot? Not an angry tirade, not an exposition of his dastardly plan, or any kind of monologue, it's just two words:
    Zombie: Mine, now!
  • Again from Screw:
    Screw-On Head: If by "candy," you mean ancient forbidden evil, then yes, I told you not to put it in your mouth.

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