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Funny / Superman: Birthright

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  • Clark wearing an "I Believe" shirt in issue #2.
  • When Jonathan is looking at Clark's old room and noting the marks on the wall showing Clark's height aged 1 to 3, then noting the dent on the ceiling is Clark aged 4.
  • When Lois saves Jimmy from Galloway's wrath, either the following remarks are a friendly joke Lois tells Olsen alot or Jimmy really doesn't understand personal boundaries.
    Jimmy: You are so my hero.
    Lois: Again? You have got to start setting your sights higher. You're not going to start following me around again, are you? What did the restraining order say?
    Jimmy: Fifty feet.
    Lois: Fifty feet. Be good, and I'll make it thirty.
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  • Every morning at 8:45am Lois is in Perry's office telling him what he's done wrong and what he should do next. Perry actually has a list of reasons why he should keep or fire her out in front of him as she does this. What makes this even funnier is that one of the reasons to not fire her is "No good place to hide her body".
  • Olsen yelling "Take That!!" after Superman cleans up Lex's security.
  • This exchange about Superman's intentions at Lex's headquarters:
    Lois Lane: But I would stake my reputation on my objective opinion. He is here to help. And we can trust him.
    Secretary: And he's hot.
    Lois Lane: And he's ho— I mean that's not— oh just buzz us in already.
  • Apparently, Jonathan attempted to drive his tractor into the store of a guy who badmouthed Superman.


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