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Heartwarming / Superman: Birthright

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  • Jonathan looking at Clark's old room and family photos, knowing his son's about to strike out on his own.
  • Clark responding to Jonathan's fears that he'd failed as a father and hadn't passed anything down to his son.
    Clark: "Not like you." Not like a man who left home when he was eighteen to find his place in the world. Who was strong enough to go figure out who he was rather than let others decide that for him. Was that hard for you?
    Jonathan: Very.
    Clark: Then where do you think I got the courage to do the same thing?
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  • When Lois is the first person (besides the Kents) who wasn't afraid of him when he displayed his powers, Superman's joy is clear to see.
  • In the final panels when Jor-El and Lara embrace each other, knowing their son made it safely. Doubles as a tearjerker.


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