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Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • Chico and Zeb's dialogue in Act 1, Chapter 2 has plenty of moments.
    Zeb: Aw, dicks! I didn't even get to eat my sandwich.
    Chico: neeerd
    Zeb: Wow, Chico.
    Zeb: People die from starvation, you know. It's a serious issue.
    Chico: cry me a river, nerd
    Chico: you can eat your trumpet lint after school for all i care
  • Tav's adventure into a clothing store in Act 1, Chapter 3.
    • First off, Tav, unaware of the concept of changing rooms, starts trying everything on in the middle of the store.
    Annie: Could you use the changing rooms...?
    Tav: Ohhhhh, is that where you put on clothes?
    Annie: I, uh... yeah...!
    Tav: Cool! 'Cause, uh, we didn't have those at my old school.
    • Then, once they puts the sweater on, we get this exchange:
    Annie: Aww, nice!! It looks great on you!
    Tav: Thanks, Annie! It looks great on you too!
  • After Chico and Tav hook up in Act 1, Chapter 8, Chico asks them if they want anything to eat. Tav declines, explaining that they photosynthesize. Chico responds:
    Chico: i really just did the dirty with a fuckin' plant huh

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