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Funny / Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar

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Anything in this game, but more specifically:

  • The guy faceplanting into his girlfriend's boobs.
  • The title's introduction.
  • 90% of what the dinosaurs say. "And now the earth is safe for another jillion years" and "Dino-tastic !" are good contenders for best quote, though.
  • Dinosaurs brofisting.
  • Dinosaurs randomly destroying or eating stuff while still being considered as heroes.
  • Tyrannosaurus X saying "You fought well, brave knight". Also, vibrating when doing so.
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  • The Totally Radical names of the dinosaurs.
  • Any time a dinosaur roars.
  • Any time a dinosaur roars on low beam power, he belches. The sound is priceless.
  • The end credits are a collection of choice roars to make Godzilla blush.

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