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Funny / RoboCop Versus The Terminator

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The graphic novel

  • After realizing that the Terminators that wounded Flo will come back for him, Robo rounds up two ED-209 units and commands them to "scan for any cybernetic activity and maintain full combat readiness." One ED unit proceeds to blast the other one.
  • While the story ends with Robo ending the threat of Skynet, which results in the creation of a utopian future for humans, the last Terminator drone is sent back in a final, desperate attempt to undo the victory of humankind. Too bad that Skynet calculated the displacement destination in a hurry, which results in the drone being sent all the way to the era of dinosaurs and getting promptly crushed by a T-rex upon its arrival.
    "Time travel. Tricky business. Unpredictable. That last little Terminator overshot its mark."

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