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  • Tessa tending to Marius' wounds in Issue 3 yields a few gems, as Marius fails to grasp Tessa's sarcastic remarks.
    Tessa: Try not to move or you'll tear the stitches open.
    Marius: I could not move even if I wished to, Tessa.
    Tessa: I wouldn't let anyone else hear you say that. The village maidens might get ideas.
    Marius: You think they mean us ill?
    Tessa: You really are a bag of rocks, sometimes, you know that?
  • Tessa and Charter casually holding each other at knifepoint, which lasts nearly two pages before they put down their blades and take a drink.
  • In Issue 4, Marius hides in the sand while spying on the Venatori. It makes him rather grouchy.
    Tessa: You're in a bad mood.
    Marius: I have sand in my pants.

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